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Hostels Are WAY Better Than We Remember

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    Forget everything you remember about the hostels from your backpacking-through-Europe days: the boring sandwiches and protein bars that got you through sleepless (and dinnerless) nights; the dank, prison-like rooms with wobbly bunk beds; and the creeper crowds that had a certain can’t-quite-place-it stench to them. Yes, let's all put those days firmly behind us.

    The Generator Hostels are a new brand of design-driven, urban-contemporary homestead popping up across Europe (and soon beyond) that are completely changing the face of what it looks like to explore the world on a budget.

    The company has managed to keep everything that’s cool about hostel travel (community vibe, eclectic mixes of people, inexpensive stays) and upgraded everything that’s been historically not-so-cool about those budget options (dingy beds, bland decor, no amenities). In its 10 properties across Europe, The Generator offers a welcomed change for design-minded travelers.

    Each destination is a departure from the traditional hostel experience in that it offers more than a place for weary travelers to try and sleep — and the occasional morning toast. There's an energy pulsing through thanks to art exhibits, live music, renowned DJs, and other events that contribute to the not-just-a-bed vibes. And, the hostels offer locally inspired food and beverage programs that put your vending-machine dinners of yore to shame.

    Paris and Rome locations are coming soon, and you can check out pics of existing outposts ahead. We hope this generates an overhaul of the whole industry.

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