Pretty-Girl Rock: 5 Female-Fronted Bands That Bring The Jams & Glam

If you ask us, 2012 is shaping up to be a stellar year for female-fronted bands. The OG of pretty-girl punk, Shirley Manson and her band, Garbage, are slated to release a new record (so major!). On top of that, the perpetually stunning Gwen Stefani announced that No Doubt would be dropping a new album, too. Are you catching our drift? So many exciting things happening for our fave singing sisters.
These ladies, and countless others before them, prove that women are on top of their game (duh), can jam out with the best of them, and tend to look damn good doing so. Who said you can’t wear pumps and pretty dresses while headbanging, or shred the guitar without smearing your lipstick? Here are five bands (including a few local stars) that bring the beats and sport some serious style — get ready to blare these acts on the reg. They're that good!
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This Tyler, Texas band belts out some swoon-worthy harmonies courtesy of the sisters Dupree (Chauntelle, Sherri, and Stacy). They’ve also been known to sport some pretty frocks on stage, too. Watch their video for the rocking jam “Smarter," here. We bet you'll fall hard for Sherri’s beautiful lace dress and cotton candy pink hair!

Photo: Via Eisley
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The Saddle Creek Record band, Mynabirds, might share similarities, sound-wise, to SC alum Rilo Kiley, but front-woman Laura Burhenn’s got a style all her own. She boasts a vintage vibe with a sexy spin, and turns heads with both her songwriting skills and dreamy style.

Photo: Via Mynabirds
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Sleeper Agent
Sleeper Agent’s Alex Kandel might be a dead-ringer for Zooey Deschanel — with her blunt bangs and doe eyes — but she’s a little more punk girl than New Girl. Kandel shares vocal duties in the Kentucky garage-pop band, but all eyes are on her (and her laid-back garb) when she hits the stage.

Photo: Via Sleeper Agent
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The sister duo of Jennifer and Jessica Clavin creates punk rock for the surfer set. The Los Angeles-based crooners craft sunny, edgy jams while rocking some sweet, crave-worthy styles.

Photo: Via Bleached
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Blood Red Shoes
The lead singer of England’s Blood Red Shoes, Laura-Mary Carter, might have some model-worthy good looks, but don’t let that fool you. Girlfriend can rock out! Carter simultaneously strums her guitar and struts across the stage with a mix of elegance and all-around awesomeness.

Photo: Via Blood Red Shoes