Why Living With Your Best Friend Isn't Always The Best Idea

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
When you think about living with your best friend, you probably imagine it being like an episode of Friends. Or New Girl. Or The Big Bang Theory. And while living with the Monica to your Rachel (or the Joey to your Chandler) might seem like the perfect way out of those roommate horror stories you’ve no doubt heard — or watched on Dateline — it won’t necessarily be like one big, never-ending sleepover, either.

Before you cosign the lease, click through to consider the pros and cons.
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Pro: You get to know each other better.
Living with someone brings a whole new level of intimacy to a friendship — think inside jokes, deep conversations, and a “pants optional” policy. You’ll see each other’s true selves, and love each other even more for it.

Con: That includes all those annoying/weird/gross habits.
Maybe she leaves toenails clippings on the coffee table, or always forgets to replace the toilet paper, or sings in the shower at the top of her lungs — at 6 a.m. Like it or not, you’ll be living with all her weird habits now, just like she’ll be living with yours.
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Pro: Your wardrobe will double in size.
If you both have similar styles and sizes, congratulations! You now basically have twice the options. Even if you don’t wear the same size, there’s still a new crop of accessories to pick from.

Con: Sharing isn’t always caring.
Unreturned items, damaged clothing, or over-borrowing can turn this friendly gesture into a major fight in two seconds flat. Make sure there are ground rules in place before the wardrobe sharing begins, and always speak up if you feel you or your closet is being taken advantage of.
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Pro: There’s always someone to talk to.
You’re always there to listen to her complain about her on-again-off-again relationship, and you know she’d do the same. And sometimes you accidentally stay up until 3 a.m. having a heart-to-heart about life in general. That’s what best friends are for.

Con: Fights are a thousand times more awkward.
Arguments are bound to happen, and when you’re living together, there’s nowhere to hide. The safe space that is your home suddenly doesn’t feel so safe, and just going into the kitchen for a glass of water can turn into an uncomfortable standoff. But, when you’re ready to make up, you know they’re right nearby.
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Pro: You get to spend even more time together.
Cooking, watching your favorite TV shows, and complaining about your boss are all so much better when shared with your best friend, right? Plus, you’ll have a built-in partner for going out — and someone to always come home with.

Con: It can be difficult to find time apart.
Sometimes, you just want to be alone. Or, maybe you make plans with other friends, without her. Hopefully your bestie understands, but if not, some feelings may be hurt.
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Pro: The most mundane chores can become fun.
You now have a partner for grocery shopping, vacuuming, and all the other once-boring chores that have to be done. And no one does a better Tom-Cruise-in-Risky-Business impression while dusting than your best friend.

Con: Having to compromise over who does what (and how often) can cause tension.
Not seeing eye-to-eye on the division — and urgency — of chores is one major cause of roommate rifts. She might like to let the trash pile up before taking it out, or maybe you don’t see the harm in letting your dishes “soak” for a few days before washing them. Forget having the same crush — keeping an apartment clean together is the real ultimate test of friendship.