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    Why is it that the search for foundation is an epic quest for most women? Finding the best complexion product can turn even the most easygoing gal into Goldilocks. This one's too light, this one's too dark, and WTF is THAT color?!? But, when you find that right foundation, the one that smoothes you out and evens your skin tone into a glowing, even work of art, it's like meeting The One. You want to put a ring on it right away.

    Since this process is so tough, we've decided to give you some help, creating our own best-of list for the perfect brand of foundation for every conceivable skin color. Hard-to-match brown or yellow undertones? We've got a match. How about blue or deep-ebony foundation needs? You're covered. Super pale and can't find a hue light enough? Consider it done. From the fairest of the fair to the deepest of the deep, we've got a brand that can handle your needs.

    We've also included expert advice from top makeup artists Sam Fine and Neil Scibelli to help you find your perfect match. For example, how do you know whether you're cool, warm or neutral? And, the answer is to look at your wrist veins: Blue-toned ones are cool, green are warm, and a mixture of the two is neutral. Great tip, right? We've got a million of 'em in the following slideshow, organized from lightest to deepest. The search is officially over, gals. Your perfect foundation is finally found.

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