25 Flats Every Walking Girl Will Love

We’ve all been programmed to believe that comfort and cuteness are inversely related: The more comfortable a shoe is, the less attractive it must be. The fancier your footwear, the less likely you are to be able to walk in it. So when there's a long day of walking ahead, you probably just reach for the sneakers to keep your dogs from barking by block two. But there are plenty of flats out there made for the walking girls of the world — and they're pretty awesome-looking, too. Dressed up with statement prints and lace-up silhouettes, your comfy shoes no longer have to be the saddest looking ones in your closet. Click on for 25 cute flats we wish we were wearing right this minute.
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Seeing stars.
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A paint-splatter print makes things interesting.
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To add an electric pop to any outfit.
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A non-basic ballet flat.
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A little platform never hurt anyone.
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A classic, wear-everyday black.
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For chillier days, or ones that call for slightly more hair.
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Snakeskin is a new staple.
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One, two, buckle your shoe.
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Metallic is basically a neutral in our book.
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Slip into this slide.
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Step up your print-mixing game.
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Dotted and spotted.
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A rich-looking deep teal.
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More denim, please.
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So minimal they're barely even there.
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As statement-making as any heels could be.
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A cross between school shoes and luggage straps that just...works.
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These actually do go with everything.
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Lace-ups that are still super comfortable.
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A sturdy slingback.
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Our lips are sealed.
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You might want to buy these twice they're so good.
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