6 New Boot Trends You'll See Everywhere This Fall

Like picking up your favorite style of T-shirt, underwear, or jeans, it’s easy to fall into a certain habit when boot shopping. You look for pairs that are a classic black or tan; they’re sleek and simple, so you can — and will — blend them into any ensemble with ease. But some of the best boot styles this fall turn those ideas of practicality on their heels.

Inspired by Infiniti, these six footwear styles will become your not-so-obvious style staples. They feature vivid colors, quirky details, and even challenge us to embrace the awkward crop — a.k.a. hitting a couple of inches above the ankle or sitting low like an oxford. Yes, the shoe style you're bound to live in all autumn long can get a good update while remaining as versatile as ever. Ahead, find your favorite new obsession.
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The '70s Patchwork Boot
As if we needed further proof that the decade is back in a big way, there's these suede, neutral-blocked, square-toe, block-heel beauties.
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Resting just above the ankle, the awkward height of these boots lands at the perfect spot for pairing with a cropped pant or midi-length denim skirt. Of course, they're great under '70s-era flares, too.
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The Low Rider
Often it's high, high boot styles that are considered most daring, but truly, these low-slung pairs are quite bold, too. Try 'em with a slim, ankle trouser or, for something more adventurous, a cropped baby bell bottom.
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Dare we say it...oxblood is back.
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And here's the perfect shaped toe for peeking out under a jean.
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The Reptile Texture
A bit of texture can make any look feel more luxe and interesting. And the pattern de la saison also infuses a bit of Southwest flare.
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What'sss white and black and sssleek all over?
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The rounded heel is perfection.
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The New Neutrals
Let black, white, and tan take a breather. Try an unexpected everyday shade to polish off a look, such as this muted olive tone.
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Yes, even blue suede works. Just ask Elvis.
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The Suede Lace-Up
Consider it the most subtle game of peekaboo.
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Plus, a bit of lacing lends a Victoriana vibe to any outfit.
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The Allover-Print Bootie
Not for the faint of heart, a print-packed bootie leaves a lasting impression from the floor up.
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For some, leopard is an accent piece. For others, it might as well be a neutral. Your call.
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To mix color, pattern, and texture, try a tapestry print.