6 New Denim Brands To Stock Up On NOW

Photo: Courtesy of RE/DUN.
Like movie-making or sunny weather, denim is one of those things that is an inherent part of Los Angeles culture. From the dozens upon dozens of major denim labels rooted in California (see: Guess, J.Brand, AG Jeans — to name a few), to the way our local fashion culture and history has always revolved around the denim style of the time, there's no debate that this city's got great jeans.
And, with new crops of talent continuously showing up on the scene, it's tough to know which brands to graze past and which you'd be crazy not to buy immediately. Ahead, we've rounded up the six new L.A.-made women's denim lines that we'd bet big money will soon become mainstays in your closet.
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Photo: Courtesy of Talley.
From Earnest Sewn to Evisu to rag & bone/jean — and many, many more! — Benjamin Talley Smith's resume reads like a who's who of all-star denim brands. So, when we first heard about Talley, the new jean label by none other than the denim mastermind himself, we had high expectations. Luckily, the results didn't disappoint. Designed in New York, each pair is made to order in Los Angeles — and even comes with an official birth certificate!
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Photo: Courtesy of RE/DUN.
If you've been on an endless search for the perfect pair of vintage Levi's, consider RE/DUN the answer to your prayers. Founded in L.A. by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, the brand takes perfectly worn-in, faded Levi's, and reconstructs them into one of two styles: Straight Skinny or Relaxed Straight. Each pair is one-of-a-kind, and retains its vintage appeal — only now, you won't need to get them tailored after you purchase.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bluer.
Founded in 2013 by Jeff Shafer, Bluer denim is designed out of Portland, Oregon — but, like the supreme frontrunners in its industry, the denim line manufactures each handmaid pair in Los Angeles. In addition to its sustainable repurposing methods and unique, free home try-on service, the line also prides itself on its buy one, give one philanthropic business model: For every pair of jeans you purchase, the company will buy one of your old pairs for $5, clean them, and donate them to someone in need.
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Photo: Courtesy of Baldwin Denim.
Though Baldwin has been around for quite some time now, it was only last year that the brand introduced a line of women's denim. And, the response has been resoundingly positive. Designed by Matt Baldwin in Kansas City — but manufactured in L.A. — the women's collection boasts an edgy, cool, borrowed-from-the-boys appeal. Plus, the line also features a pair of raw, selvedge denim, which is totally badass, and rarely ever found outside of the men's section.
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Photo: Courtesy of DSTLD.
Launching earlier this year, DSTLD has already made a name for itself by offering premium denim cuts for under $100 — which, let's be real, is hard to find these days. Manufactured in both L.A. and Mexico, each of the 22 styles in the women's collection manage to reflect a unified aesthetic: clean, edgy, and totally wearable.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tortoise Jeans.
Tortoise Jeans
Based in East Los Angeles, Tortoise Jeans takes its eco-conscious title seriously. From recycling every ounce of water used to create each wash, to making every stitch of the garment locally, the brand takes pride in creating chic, ethical denim — with a very minimal carbon footprint.