29 Trendy Cookbooks To Help You Solve ANY Gifting Dilemma

Is a cookbook still a cookbook if no one actually cooks with it? Over the years, many of our culinary guides have become mug-stained coffee table coasters, dusty shelf stackers, and (dare we say it) stress-inducing desk clutter. But it doesn't have to be so...

In tandem with the ongoing trendy food revolution has also come a reawakening of the humble cookbook. And we're not talking any of that bougie Better Homes & Gardens bullshit — our 29 picks cover cult-favorite cookies, ramen recipes, Momofuku Milk Bar secrets, Chrissy Teigen's personal cravings, and so many more (even Bob's Burgers makes an appearance!).

So, instead of grabbing all your recipes from the internet this year, join the movement and help cookbooks have their moment again. Plus, they make for the perfect, well-priced holiday gift. Ahead, find our ultimate culinary-bible giving guide, all of which friends and family will actually want to use.