8 Canned Wines That Will Make You A Convert

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Wine in a can? We know, it sounds wrong, but it might just be your summertime savior. Choose your own warm weather adventure — whether it's beaching, weekend camping, impromptu picnics, or perhaps just floating on an inflatable flamingo in your neighbor’s pool — and imagine how next-level any one of those situations would be with a cold can of wine in hand.

Not only does a can make our summer boozy drink of choice portable, unbreakable, and easy to open, but it is also effortlessly cool to sip with a straw. Hello, endless Instagrams.

In honor of National Wine Day this year, we rounded up eight of the BEST canned brands out there. Read on, and start planning your summer sips.
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Pamplelonne ($19.99 for a 4-pack)
What could be more chic than drinking rosé reminiscent of the French Riviera? Sip it from a Breton striped can with zesty hints of cherry and lime — as Pampelonne calls it, "conveniently chic."

Best For: chic beach loungers.
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Underwood ($28 for a 4-pack)
Canned wine is not all sparkles and bubbles. Underwood Wine runs the whole grape gamut with cans of pinot noir and pinot gris. With tasting notes from white peach and apple to raspberries and chocolate, there's something to satisfy everyone.

Best For: self-anointed sommeliers.
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Lila ($15.99 for a 4-pack)
These canned beauties range from a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, to French rosé, and an Italian pinot grigio. If all that luscious geography hasn't enticed you, the name certainly will: Lila is derived from an ancient version of "play like the gods."

Best For: classy party-planners.
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The Infinite Monkey Theorem ($15 for a 4-pack)
The Infinite Monkey Theorem is an urban winery that boasts "back alley winemaking at its finest." With all bases covered, including red, white, rosé, and even moscato wines, we could definitely go ape for this hip sip in a can.

Best For: back alley, fire escape, indie rock concert-goers.
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Sofia ($16.99 for a 4-pack)
These ruby cans are each adorned with their own personal straw — for summertime sipping, of course. The tasting notes are equally lovely, with refreshing melon, honey suckle, and pears. What could be better?

Best For: poolside partiers.
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The Drop ($21 for a 4-pack)
This Californian dry rosé is crafted specially for the millennial on the move. As the brand states, "Finally, a wine packed to keep up with us." Note the rosy lobster on the label snapping a corkscrew in half — because who needs a corkscrew when you have a can?

Best For: boaters, surfers, bocce- and cornhole-players.
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Presto ($12.99 for a 4-pack)
Whole Food Market's wine experts have spoken, and Presto sparkling cuvée is in. This glowing can, imported from Italy, presents a sophisticated sparkling cuvée for all of your summer celebrations.

Best For: park picnic-ers.
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Flasq ($8 per 1 half bottle)
This is less of a can and more of an aluminum bottle — but the portable, easy-openable qualities are still strong. Each aluminum container is equivalent to a half-bottle of wine, so it is perfect to share.

Best For: practical sharers.