Style Syllabus: Unsung Heroes Of Swoon-Worthy Campus Architecture

A list of the best-looking campuses normally presents a heavy bias towards California schools where sunshine and the pressure of bikini season are always present. But today, we're not talking about bros and babes: College campuses are almost always under construction, and constantly in competition with each other for the newest and hottest architecture to lure in the tuition dollars.
A gigantic endowment always helps, but this list is far from a roundup of the usual suspects. Oceanside locations and Ivy League history have nothing on these awe-inspiring campuses, some unknown, others just unexpected. Imagine these dramatic structures paired with sharp maxi skirts from Jil Sander, or Lindsey Thornburg cloaks next to gothic towers...we wish Inez, Vinoodh, Terry and co. would haul their models to some of these spots once in a while (and we doubt the students would complain!).
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No, it's not a Cubist painting – it's a real-life photo of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota!

Photo: Via University of Minnesota.
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You might not have heard of Florida Southern College, but you've definitely heard of the guy who designed many of its buildings and this larger-than-life fountain, known as the Water Dome. The campus is among the largest collections of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the world.

Photo: Via Florida Southern College
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Philosophy students at NYU have an easier time than most, achieving an elevated state of mind, thanks to this trippy gem.

Photo: Via Steven Holl Architects.
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Students at super-liberal Bennington College in Vermont live at the foot of the mountains in dorms designed by a host of famous architects.

Photo: Via Bennington College.
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The locally designed, energy efficient Miami-Dade College campus center is like something out of Blade Runner. Construction should finish sometime this year.

Photo: Via Oppenheim Architects.
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Though Wellesley college is located just outside of Boston, it feels more like it's next door to Hogwarts with its sprawling 500-acre grounds and soaring gothic buildings, like Galen Stone Tower, pictured here.

Photo: Via Wellesley College.