How To Try Out New Cameras On Vacation, Without Spending Major $$$

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
Every day, I see tourists walking around Manhattan with large, DSLR cameras slung around their necks. Their commitment to carrying the bulky lenses, even on packed subways, is a testament to a simple fact: As much as smartphone cameras have improved, they still lack many of the features of their standalone photo-taking competitors, including higher resolution shots, better lenses, and control over shutter speeds and exposure.
If you aren't a full-time influencer or professional photographer, it probably doesn't make sense to weigh yourself down with a DSLR on a daily basis. But on vacation, when you want to take envy-inducing Instagram photos and shots to frame and hang in your apartment, the DSLR is a superior option.
For most people, the main barrier to investing in a high quality camera is the price. (Better photos don't come cheap.) That's where tech rental companies come in. Sites such as Lumoid and Grover make it easy to rent cameras, lenses, and other photo accessories at daily and monthly rates. The added bonus here is that amateur photographers, like myself, can try out multiple options to find which one suits their experience level and shooting style.
If you love the camera at the end of your vacation, you can look for it and wait for it to go on sale knowing it's the right one for you. Some rental companies also let you put rental credit towards buying the device.
Click through for a look at three places to rent to your gadgets before heading out on your next adventure.
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Lumoid charges daily rates with a three-day minimum. For this reason, it can end up costing more than other rental sites that only offer monthly rates. However, it's also more beginner friendly, with packages like "Road Trip!" (shown here) and "Canon Foodie" that include all the essentials, both lenses and cameras, for whatever your focus might be.

Lumoid Road Trip Kit, $72/3 days, available at Lumoid.
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Grover offers monthly rates on cameras and accessories, beginning with options at $9.90 per month. The Canon shown here costs $89.90 per month to rent. Unless your travels far exceed four weeks, that price is a better deal than the camera's $1,549 retail price.

Grover Canon EOS 70D + 18-135 IS STM, $89.90 per month, available at Grover.
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BorrowLenses gives you the most flexibility over rental period. Choose from three-day, seven-day, 10-day, or 14-day rates, or, enter a custom time frame. You also have the option to pay for a waiver that offers extra protection, should anything happen to the camera during your travels. The range of options here can be overwhelming for novice photographers, but the site's "frequently rented with" category and helpful descriptions should simplify the decision process.

BorrowLenses Pentax K-3 Digital SLR Camera, $56 per week, available at