Want You Back: 5 Broken-Up Bands We Wish Would Reunite

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    The 2012 Summer Olympics were filled with wish-we-were-there moments — from Michael Phelps taking home gold, to McKayla Maroney's Dougie, it was 17 days of nonstop (and often late-night) entertainment for us L.A. folks.

    But, if we could relive one moment (or, in our case, re-DVR), it would be the star-studded closing ceremonies and the much-anticipated reunion of The Spice Girls. The triumphant return (with hits like "Wannabe" and "Spice of Your Life") got us pondering what other split-up acts would have us squealing with delight if they ever happened to reunite.

    So, we picked five now-defunct bands that broke our hearts when they parted ways, but would definitely make us go berserk if they hit the Greek or even Staples for an encore. Take a peek, and tell us whom else you miss!

    Photo: Via The White Stripes

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