The Best Bras For Your Boob Shape

A lot of consideration goes into bra shopping: Full cup or demi? Underwire or wire-free? Lace or cotton? But there's one question we often don't ask ourselves: What shape are my boobs and what type of coverage, support, and style will work best for me?

All breasts are not created equal — maybe not even your own two. Some are narrow, some are conical, some are bottom-heavy, the list goes on. And since the world of underwear and lingerie is so saturated with options, it's okay to feel overwhelmed by the idea of considering yet another (important) factor while shopping for something you basically wear everyday.

To figure out a few of the most common boob shapes and how they might make bra shopping not so easy, we chatted with R29 staffers and came across 10 of the most common. So, whether yours are perky or hang a little lower than you'd like to admit, click though to find out which bra style is best to get everything in place.
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The Shape: Full & Round
The Bra: Soft & Lacy
Since mother nature has already taken care of your shape, your bra doesn't have as much work to do. Let comfort take priority with a soft bra that has no wires or padding in sight, but still has enough coverage to avoid anything accidentally popping out from the top or bottom.

Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra, $55, available at Ouihours.
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The Shape: East & West
The Bra: The Classic T-shirt Bra
If you find your nipples pointing in opposite directions, a classic T-shirt bra can help draw your breasts inward and smooth everything out. Plus, memory foam cups will keep your shape looking natural.

Thirdlove 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra, $68, available at Thirdlove.
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The Shape: Conical
The Bra: Stretchy-But-Supportive
T-shirt bras are great for breasts that are cone-shaped or, simply put, pointy. This clean-lined and supportive (but still comfortable) option offers molded cups that promise the smoothest fit under clothing. That way, your chest is shaped, supported, and smooth — even underneath the thinnest of tops.

Calvin Klein Underwear Perfectly Fit Snake-print Stretch-satin T-shirt Bra, $70, available at Net-a-Porter.
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The Shape: Mind The Gap
The Bra: The Plunge
For those who have a pretty wide space between their boobs, a plunge bra, with cups that have more of a vertical-line edge as opposed to a super-curved one, can help bring things together. This up-and-down construction will lift your breasts up and inward, so you can go about your day feeling centered.

Journelle Camille Plunge Bra, $88, available at Journelle.
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The Shape: Petite & Perky
The Bra: The Triangle
A bit of all-over lace is not only romantic and flirty, but it's also got a small-framed lady covered as far as support goes.

Primark Lace Plunge Bra, $6, available at Primark.
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The Shape: Shallow & Settling
The Bra: The Demi Bra
Shallow boobs tend to have very little projection, which means this shape is more common among smaller cup sizes. And while many with this shape may not even feel the need to wear a bra, for those who do, look for padded or unpadded half-cups that offer subtle and simple coverage.

La Perla Magnolia Lace Demi Bra, $148 $88, available at MatchesFashion.
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The Shape: Narrow & Slender
The Bra: The Racerback Push-up
With breasts that tend to be longer than they are wide and less full on top, you might be looking to even out the proportions or ever so slightly lift things up. A padded racerback can help with both, plus add an extra layer of comfort.

Aerie Brooke Lace Racerback Pushup Bra, $39.95, available at American Eagle.
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The Shape: Uneven
The Bra: Custom Cut or Removable Pads
It can be frustrating to shop for a bra when your breasts are two different sizes or shapes, so we recommend looking into a special, custom-made piece for those with asymmetric boobs. Or, opt for a version with removable padding, so you can easily adjust each side accordingly.

La Perla Terracotta Padded Clio Balcony Bra, $220, available at Avenue32.
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The Shape: Splayed & Pendulous
The Bra: Convertible & Wire-free
With breasts that are splayed (separating outward to create a triangle shape between the two) or pendulous (with most of the breast hanging below the inframammary fold and less fullness on top), you may feel like you need some major underwire in the picture. However, a wire-free bra can offer all the support you need and be twice as comfortable. Since half-cups or plunge bras run the risk of major spillage, opt for fuller coverage.

True & Co. Maya Wirefree Convertible Bra, $44, available at True & Co.
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The Shape: Bottom-Heavy
The Bra: The Deep-cup Bustier
This one's pretty self explanatory: your breasts are heavier at the bottom and less full on top, forming a teardrop or bell. While many different bras can work for this common shape, deep cups and a wider-than-average band promise no spillage and tons of underside support.

Passionata Bloom Demi Bustier, $41.30-$44.80, available at Journelle.

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