The New Jewelry To Add To Your OOTD

When you have your daily outfit routine down pat, it's easy to leave it be. Your clothes and shoes may change out on a regular basis, but we all have select jewelry pieces that make the cut every single morning. While the spots are typically reserved for sentimental necklaces, rings, and maybe a practical watch, jewelry designers have turned towards giving bracelets a moment to shine.

These are more than just your average charm bangles, though, and are definitely a step above your childhood tennis bracelets. A few brands have stepped up to the plate to show that a slim band (or two) is just the thing to add to your daily look. But don't confuse delicate with dainty. These shiny pieces might be small, but they pack a personality and edge that gives them their own statement moment. Click on for a selection tiny goods that carry big attitude.

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All chained up.

Miansai Screw Cuff Chain Bracelet, $135, available at Miansai.
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Add an easy kick by mixing up your link sizes.

Another Feather Chain Bracelet, $150, available at Another Feather.
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A zip tie you can easily slip on and off.

Macha x Marques Almeida Zip Tie Bracelet Gunmetal, $165, available at Macha.
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Wear with your edgiest looks for a hint of femininity.

J. Hannah Celestia Bracelet, $595, available at J. Hannah.
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A lesson in mixing metals.

Charlotte Chesnais Jupiter Bracelet, $865, available at The Line.
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A simple bangle that pairs well with everything.

Madewell Glider Bangle Bracelet, $24, $19.50, available at Madewell.
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This one sports a white diamond at one end and black on the other. Just rotate it on your wrist to match your mood.

Still House Ekto Bangle, $1,500, available at Still House.
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Your bracelet's cooler when it doesn't close all the way.

Tara 4779 Oblique Bracelet, $1,350, available at Tara 4779.
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We're still trying to figure out where this infinity knot ends and where it begins.

Erica Weiner Infinity Knot Bracelet, $80, available at Erica Weiner.
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Let this little pearl do all the talking.

Vibe Harsløf Bangle Pearl, $139, available at Vibe Harsløf.
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Aspirations for those of us who can't fold our own origami.

Hortense The Origami Bracelet, $242, available at Hortense.
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One stone easily jazzes up a plain band.

Tarin Thomas Jordana, $198, available at Tarin Thomas.
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Dainty and sweet.

Rue Gembon Sandra Rose, $32, available at Rue Gembon.

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