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The 5 Best S.F. Boot Camps For A Rock-Solid Bod!

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    It's the second week of January, folks, and those get-fit New Year's resolutions you made in 2012? Yeah, they're not going anywhere unless you actually get off the couch. To help you get motivated, we've done some of the legwork for you by rounding up the very best boot camps in the Bay Area that are sure to deliver on those hot-bod goals in no time (just as long as you stay away from the Twinkies).

    If the idea of a boot camp conjures images of former drill sergeants barking orders and telling you to drop it and give 'em twenty, kick that idea to the curb. These mega-inspiring group classes are led by instructors who are as hard-ass as they are cool. Plus, the camps all go down outside the walls of boring gyms. Instead, you and your boot camp brethren get to enjoy some of S.F.'s most awe-inspiring sites and venues (AT&T Park, Crissy Field, and the Palace of Fine Arts, included) while you're working up a major sweat. Ready to join up? Click through and get ready to get ripped.

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