6 Astrology Podcasts So Good, They Might Replace Your Horoscope

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Astrology is like our grown-up security blanket. When everything seems to be going wrong, we check our horoscope to find out when things are going to turn around. When everything is gravy, we check our horoscope to make sure our luck will last. Wouldn't it be great to have those words of reassurance piped right into your ears?
Luckily, there are plenty of astrology podcasts that do just that. Whether you're looking for a pod that gives you the goods on the week ahead or one that expands your understanding of the cosmos with in-depth planetary discussions, there's a show that's worthy of your subscription. We've hand-picked some of the most informative and insightful pods streaming now.
Read on to make your chores, commute, or quiet-listening-time positively stellar (sorry, we couldn't resist).
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The Astrology Podcast

The title says it all — this is the podcast to look up if you want to sample a wide variety of astrological topics (but still get your monthly horoscope). In the show's 100-plus episodes, host Chris Brennan has tackled whole eras of astrological history, discussed how listeners can find the best professional astrologer for them, and debunked the most pervasive myths about Mercury retrograde.
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Self Service

While not explicitly an astrology-themed podcast, nearly every episode of Self Service features a segment on the stars and how they affect your life. Some episodes feature a complete weekly forecast, and others focus on specific events and topics. But, the practical advice that comes out of these discussions is what really sets this show apart. So, if you're curious about the full moon's power, whether it's cool to look up a crush's sign, or how to deal with ultra-intense Capricorn energy, this is the pod for you.
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Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology

We love astrologer Anne Ortelee for her up-to-the-minute planetary updates on Twitter, so it's no wonder that her horoscope podcast about the week ahead is just as thorough and insightful. Tune in for a super practical show with insights on how the planets will affect events and your moods. Be sure to check out Ortelee's other podcasts if your interests go beyond a general star forecast.
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The Insightful Astrology Podcast with Maria DeSimone

Host Maria DeSimone discusses what's going on in the sky, offers real-life advice to call-in listeners, and brings on guests from various corners of the spiritual community — from feng shui experts to psychic mediums. This show will give you a better idea of upcoming transits, but it'll also expose you to whole new realms of spirituality. You just might end up with one or five new interests after listening.
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Learn Astrology with Mary English

If you consider yourself a budding scholar of astrology, let Mary English be your professor. Every episode is dedicated to a highly specific topic like death charts — a chart based on the time, date, and location of someone's death — or the seventh house (and the seventh house only). English never shies away from going deep with her explanations and is quick to point out additional resources if you'd like to take your study beyond your earbuds.
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Bridging Realities

Host Eugenia Krok, MA, blends her understanding of the stars with her experience as a counselor to offer personal, accessible analyses of the stars' movements in every episode. She encourages listeners to view planetary activities as learning opportunities, rather than roadblocks, which just might change the way you read and process your regular horoscope. And who couldn't a change in perspective every now and then?