'90s Summer Trends That Will Never Die

Photographed by Colin Leaman.
There was a time not long ago when baby tees, tattoo chokers, and bucket hats felt so passé they could only be found on the racks at the local thrift store. But, over the past few seasons, we've seen a barrage of '90s trends insert themselves into the current epoch, to the point where shopping has turned into the ultimate nostalgia trip. With stores bursting with pieces we would've dog-eared in our beloved junior-high catalogs, it's become that much harder to discern between what's old and what's new.

But, whether your new wide-legged denim is a vintage-shop gem or the latest in an add-to-cart splurge, there's a way to wear it that doesn't feel like you just stepped out of a time warp. So, we rounded up the baddest pre-Millenium throwback styles — jellies, plaid flannel, retro frames from Sunglass Hut, and gothic cross jewelry, to name a few of our faves — along with tips to pull 'em off in 2015.

Your definitive guide to channeling your inner '90s babe, right this way. We promise: It's easier than recording the perfect cassette mixtape.

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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Look for sporty accents on flattering shapes.
For a subtle nod to throwback streetwear, go for wide-stripe trim and bold, black-and-white graphics on not-too-literal pieces. Skip the tearaway track pants and oversized jersey in favor of a more feminine-feeling miniskirt or crop top to keep from looking like you actually belong on the court.

On Elizabeth: Vans hat, Topshop top and skirt, BC Footwear shoes. On Whitney: Rebecca Minkoff top, Topshop jeans, Forever 21 shoes.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Take back the underwear trend.
Your bedroom walls haven't been graced with a TLC or Spice Girls poster in eons (probably), but one aspect of the girl-group legacy is as relevant as ever: wearing sports bras as crop tops. This time around, pair a sports-bra-inspired crop with a matching skirt, and then finish off the look with a sleek open vest to keep it looking polished. If you want an extra nostalgic nod, add a five-panel cap and reflective shades.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Break in mom jeans with a boxy tee and platforms.
If you're worried mom jeans won't flatter your frame, try a tapered capri style. Style them with a crop top — the ultimate '90s fashion darling — and leg-lengthening platform wedges to play up proportions. Bonus points for digging up a minimal black choker from your old jewelry box.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Make a single bold accessory statement.
If you're just easing into the '90s trend pool, start with a simple accessory. Topping off your everyday outfit with a decade-defining bucket hat is a look-changer that's impossible to go overboard with.

On Elizabeth: Urban Outfitters top, shoes, and hat; Madewell skirt; Levi's flannel. On Whitney: Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, available at Sunglass Hut.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Seek out fun lace-up details.
Like overalls and bell-bottoms, crisscross lacing comes back around again and again throughout fashion history. Reference the '90s take on the trend by swapping your typical zip-fly bottoms with a tie-front alternative, like a high-waisted pair of hot shorts. Keep the look modern with high-tops, graphic-print socks, oversized red shades, and a sporty crop tank.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Tie a plaid shirt over natural-fit basics.
The original way of wearing a flannel around your waist may have been aligned with bagginess and grunge, but the look gets a fresh update when worn over sleek basics, like a classic black muscle tee and a streamlined denim skirt. Grown-up jellies (sans glitter) replace work boots in another wink at the bygone era.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Offset goth jewelry with more playful ensembles.
Go ahead and bust out the cross earrings and black ribbon chokers. Just pair 'em with fun, pop-y patterns and colors to neutralize any heavy, dark vibes.

On Elizabeth: Topshop dungarees and top. On Whitney: Vans shirt, Zara dress, Forever 21 shoes.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Bring on the micro stripes.
It doesn't get more '90s than a midi halter dress layered over a white ringer tee and wedges. But, to really up the #tbt ante, opt for a ribbed micro-striped fabric.
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Photographed by Colin Leaman.
Swap your current shades for some epic round frames.
We're forever borrowing sunglass trends from decades past. To channel this one, slide on some dark, round frames as the final touch to your throwback getup.