12 Trends We Couldn't Get Enough Of This Year

Each December, as the year begins to wind down, we start to reflect on the past 11 months. While 2016 may have been a toughie, when it comes to our closets, there was plenty to celebrate. Beyond our '90s favorites maintaining their dominance (we're looking at you, slip dresses and chokers) and bomber jackets topping the outerwear charts, we fell hard for all things pink and finally mustered up the courage to take on streetwear. The way we look at it, this was the year that kept on giving — as far as trends are concerned.

In fact, there were so many flame-emoji-worthy trends flooding our Instagram feeds this year that, to narrow down our list of the most notable, we had to call in an expert for backup. So we tapped celebrity stylist and America’s Next Top Model judge Law Roach, whose impressive résumé and list of clientele have made him one of the most trusted voices in the industry. Ahead, the man behind some of the hottest red carpet looks breaks down the trends on every Hollywood It Girl’s radar this year. Spoiler alert: According to Roach, we haven’t seen the last of a lot of them — a major win for us.
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The Cold Shoulder
"In my opinion, the shoulders and neckline are the most beautiful part of a woman's body — so of course I'm obsessed with off-the- shoulder tops. For cooler weather, they're perfect with high-waisted pants made of a heavier fabric."
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Velvet Visions
"I'm really into the velvet trend. For me, shoes are the best way to indulge."
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All Choked Up
"When chokers first resurfaced, I thought they were a great homage to the '90s. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing them — I swear I saw a woman wearing one at the gym."
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Rad Ruffles
"For anyone weary of wearing frills, just start out with a great ruffled blouse and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans. It's a simple test to see if it's a trend that works for you."
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The Bomb.com
"The bomber jacket is the jacket of this decade. It's everywhere — cropped, oversized, and in every color and fabric."
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Mini Mania
"This trend ties into the minimalist school of thought. With mini bags, you can only take what you need."
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Slaying Sleeves
"I like to call this an at-your-own-risk trend. This can be a hard one to pull off, so make sure you pay attention to your proportions."
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Relaxed Fit
"I love athleisure. Any form of elevated streetwear is exciting to me. I'm eager to see more in 2017."
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Not-So-Skinny Jeans
"I think the decline of the skinny jean really started with the rise of the boyfriend. Skinnies dominated the denim world for so long, and women were just ready to try something new."
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The Glossy, Glossy
"Patent leather tends to get typecast as leather's slutty cousin, but it can actually be very chic if done correctly. I would start with a classic patent pump or a biker jacket."
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Slip 'N Slides
"I'm guilty of overindulging in this trend. I believe we'll see many more slides in the new year."
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Stay Blushing
"There's something so feminine and elegant about blush. I think that's why it resonates so much with women."
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