A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Ruschmeyer's, The Fashion Crowd's New Summer Hotel Hangout

If the essence of haute-hipster could be bottled, it might smell something like the Apothia Soul candle burning in Ruschmeyer's hotel lobby. One of the most highly-anticipated hotel openings this summer, the mini-Montauk resort has, if possible, exceeded its hype, boasting a rotating crew of bold-faced NYC creatives (Waris, Ben Watts, Johan Lindeberg), a restaurant that's already a foodie fave, and decor best described as summer camp gone glam by way of a former Domino reader that wouldn't say no to the occasional joint. Because we're so obsessed, we asked Ruschmeyer's owner Ben Pundole (boyfriend of R29 It-girl Chelsea Leyland, who gave us her own spin on the Hamptons' hangout) to take us on a private photo tour of the property, with captions of his favorite spots. And, if you're feeling the need to get on the next LIRR to Montauk, don't worry about a reservation at this booked-out hostelry—we got you! R29 Reserve is letting you guys in on the perfect opportunity to use those vacation days, with a Hamptons get-away that's exclusive to us. Act fast—before we do.
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"We got these great bikes from Republic and Ruschmeyer'ed them so they look even more handsome outside the hotel entrance."
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"Breakfast in the 'Nook'. Floyd's avocado toast is a must!"
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"Bohemiam, 'camp' like rooms at Ruschmeyer's are sooo comfortable."
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"Everything you need next to your: A book of poems by Jack Kerouac from 1959 and a voicebox to leave 'messages' for your 'room mate'."
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"Ruschmeyer's very own Hannah Baker is the summer's undefeated ping pong champion.. challengers welcome!"
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"Originally built in 1952, the beautiful A-frame restaurant is the perfect arena for Ben and Phil from the Fat Radish to showcase their culinary magic."
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"We loved the signage so much we called it Ruschmeyer's."
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"The Electric Eel.. a lounge paying homage to the nautical explorer days of yesteryear."
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"The Belafonte Margarita is named after Bill Murray's ship in The Life Aquatic."
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"The (very) 'Magic Garden'."