Childhood Fantasies: 5 Iconic Bedroom DIYs

Is there anything more nostalgic than the thought of your teenage bedroom? Holding a special place in our hearts (and parent’s houses), this was the place where we whiled away the hours until we were old enough to leave the nest. More than just a space, our room didn't just define our aesthetic. It defined us.
Nowhere is this sentiment more clear than in the private pads of some of our favorite teen queens from the silver screen. As everyone knows, in a truly perfect teen movie, all the real action takes place in the bedroom: the heart-to-heart calls to BFFs, the slumber parties, and in some cases, hatching the perfect plan to murder take down the school bully.
As an ode to the teen dream, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite femme-centric rooms on film, spanning five decades of inspired home decor — and we're showing you how to snag these iconic looks for yourself. From the sun- and '70s- drenched spaces of the doomed Lisbon girls of The Virgin Suicides to the posh '90s boudoir of Cruel Intentions’ Kathryn Merteuil, this trip down memory lane should spark at least a shopping trip or two, and possibly reshuffle your Netflix queue as well.
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Cruel Intentions
Forget lacrosse or cheerleading, the malevolent teenagers of Cruel Intentions were only interested in the real blood sports.

When taking time off from plotting the demise of her fellow classmates, Kathryn Merteuil retired to her posh, jewel-toned pad on the Upper West Side. It’s here that she did the bulk of her scheming and seducing, and her gilded decor was certainly worthy of a war room in the making. Though she ultimately got “what was coming to her” in the form of a very public drug paraphernalia shaming (seriously, rent the movie), Kathryn’s personal style and devilishly fashionable lair made her the envy of an entire generation of teen girls.

Featuring the timeless heroine of mid '90s cinema herself, Ms. Sarah Michelle Gellar, this period piece featured a decadent mix of gold and silver tones, vintage and modern pieces, high-end candles, heaps of luxe bedding, and more than a few nods to the film’s original source material, Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Make no mistake, Kathryn’s over-the-top tangle of a room was meant to ensnare you.

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures
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Ghost World
You don't have to look much further than Tavi's blog to see the impact 2001 indie flick Ghost World has had on the teen-girl room. Long before ironic was cool (and then somewhat uncool again), our anti- heroine Enid Coleslaw (Thora Birch) was letting her freak flag fly all over her interiors choices.

When not plotting to befriend the neighborhood sad-sack (played by Steve Buscemi), taking art classes, or palling around with best friend Rebecca (a pre-explosive fame Scarlett Johansson), Enid was always on the look out for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to give her room a unique touch. '50s kitsch, animal prints galore, and plenty of plastic furniture all comprised the bulk of Enid’s worldly possessions, and made for a delightfully bonkers abode.

Photo: Courtesy of United Artists
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The '50s, at least according to popular knowledge (and this '70s-made musical), was a simpler time. Drive-in movies, red convertibles, sock hops, and teen pregnancy summer loves were the main concerns on every high schooler’s mind. However, between all that dreaming and scheming a gal also needed a place where she could call over her girl gang for a night of makeovers and ear piercings.

The resident beauty-school dropout of the Pink Ladies, Frenchie’s room was just like her: all sugar and spice, and just a little bit of rock 'n’ roll. To recreate Grease's infamous Pink Ladies' den all you need to do is bust out those ruffles, throw another record on the player, and most importantly, sport your girlie gang colors.

Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
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“I’ve killed my best friend.”
“And your worst enemy.”

One of the many classic lines from this darkest of '80s comedies, this movies saw Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) tire of swimming with the sharks in her high school fish tank. With the help of rebel boyfriend J.D. (Christian Slater), she manages to dismantle her high school’s vicious hierarchy — one hilarious murder at a time.

Long before Regina George’s pink palace of intrigue, there was numero uno frenemy Heather’s Art-Deco abode. Satin upholstered headboards, clear furniture (to dramatically fall through), and a series of signature bows all gave our ringleader's room the unmistakable '80s teen vibe..

Photo: Courtesy of New World Pictures
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The Virgin Suicides
Though it ultimately ended in tragedy (hence the word suicide in the title) the beautiful and talented Lisbon sisters lived a charmed life inside their family’s split-level ranch in suburbia. Like modern-day Rapunzels, these girls let down their golden tresses down to not only lure in the neighborhood boys, but also to create a legend.

Between languishing in despair and fawning over Trip Fontaine, the lovely Lisbon daughters created their own dreamy mini-world out of heaps of '70s prints, florals, and other nature-inspired décor themes. To create a room worthy of your own Sofia Coppola, soft-focus close-up, you just need to pay attention to the details.

Photo: Courtesy of American Zoetrope, Paramount Pictures
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