10 Cozy Beds To Inspire A Weekend Inside

There are few things we love more than our beds. We can't name what they are, but no doubt, they exist. Since this week has been a bit dreary (from our office views in New York City), we have one game plan this weekend: staying in between the sheets.
Ahead, we found 10 sleepy nests to inspire a major bedding overhaul. From a crisp all-white crib to a Southwestern camper nook, these Instas will have you ordering some fresh sheets immediately. Once that's done, you can get busy binge-watching OITNB. No judgement here.
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Photo: Via @frenchbydesign.
This gray linen is the opposite of drab.
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Photo: Via @stitchandhammer.
This low-to-the-ground bedding arrangement is grown-up, not college dorm.
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Photo: Via @guidedbycereal.
Against the dark wood wall, this white duvet and pillows pops.
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It's all about symmetry for sweet dreams.
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Photo: Via @eyeswoon.
Now, this is how to make a bed.
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Photo: Via @heltenkelt.
Mix variations of gray for a soothing aesthetic.
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Photo: Via @michelle_adams_.
That. Tufted. Headboard.
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Photo: Via @sweetthingblog.
This couple has cozy mornings mastered.
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Photo: Via @designsponge.
Again, an all white set with a bold wall backdrop kills it.
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Photo: Via @winniewow.
Mix prints for an eclectic vibe.