Becka Diamond Reveals The Secrets To Her Rock-Chic Ways

She adores Edie Sedgwick's "insane eye makeup," Iggy Pop's leather pants, and Janis Joplin for the feathers, but up-and-coming actress and all-around style sensation Becka Diamond is cultivating an iconic look--and attitude--that's all her. Despite this girl-in-demand's crazy schedule, she managed to squeeze us in for an afternoon pow-wow at her Brooklyn abode (she has lawn ornaments!). Getting a smile out of the typically camera-ready countenance that Becka has perfected was no easy task, but we rose to the challenge, and lo and behold, this muse-of-the-moment has dimples...not to mention, a closet to kill for.
Above: Becka vamps in her dressing room wearing a Yves Saint Laurent jacket, Balmain jeans, and Nicholas Kirkwood pumps. Enlarge Image
Describe your style.
"The wild angels en Paris."
What are your five key wardrobe pieces?
1. Rick Owens leather jacket
2. Vintage tees
3. Black Alexander Wang shrunken blazer
4. Leather leggings, Balenciaga makes the best
5. Ballet flats by Lanvin or Alaia
Above: In her living room wearing a What Comes Around Goes Around dress from their holiday collection and an Eddie Borgo bracelet. Enlarge Image
Living or dead, who do you find particularly inspiring?
"The first person who came to mind is Edie Sedgwick. I love the platinum hair, insane eye makeup, lashes, black tights, and general "I don't give a shit" attitude. Iggy Pop—the leather pants, bleached and beaten up, I love it. Courtney Love—the whole kinder-whore thing she invented. Axl Rose for his velvet pants. Janis Joplin for the feathers, over the top hats, and glasses. David Bowie for his ability to transform himself, and still remain exactly who he is."
Becka's fridge does double duty as an inspiration board. Enlarge Image
What song best describes your personal style? "What's Inside a Girl" by The Cramps and "Doll Parts" by Hole.
Becka with a portion of her extensive record collection wearing a Raquel Allegra top, Balenciaga leather leggings, and Proenza Schouler booties. Enlarge Image
What's your best cheap find of late?
"A Kate Moss for Topshop insane faux fur coat and Obesity and Speed tees."
One of Becka's seven tattoos. She shares this one (done by Michelle at Saved Tattoo) with a good friend. Enlarge Image
At a park near her Williamsburg apartment wearing a Oliver Peoples sunglasses, a Rick Owens leather jacket, and a vintage Siouxsie and the Banshees tee. Enlarge Image
Tell us about your tattoos...
"I have seven. I have birds above a ship from a rare Edward Gorey drawing. I have diamond and doll on my wrists, a play on 'Diamond Dogs' by Bowie. The anchor on my rib cage was done by one of my best friends, Bobby, with a needle and India ink during one of my dinner parties."
A pink Target mini fridge in her dressing room houses her nail polish, vitamins, and Champagne (of course). Enlarge Image
Your home feels really relaxed. How do you decorate?
"Everything in my house is hand-picked, whether it's my records, an antique dresser, or my favorite Diptyque scent of the moment. I am obsessed with John Derian plates and have a small collection of them in my living room."
From left: In her living room wearing a What Comes Around Goes Around dress and an Eddie Borgo bracelet; on the street outside her apartment wearing an Alexander Wang blazer, a vintage Grateful Dead tee, a Number (N)ine necklace, Balenciaga leather leggings, and Chloé boots. Enlarge Image
What do you like about living in Williamsburg?
"I used to live on the Lower East Side, until it turned in to a circus! I moved out to Brooklyn almost three years ago. I decided to make my apartment as cozy as a home would be in the country, and we have lots of trees surrounding our house. I love the relaxed vibe of the neighborhood. I also love riding my bike on an adventure to Greenpoint to my secret record spot or over the Williamsburg bridge to grab a drink with friends at Schiller's."
A collection of Becka's hats and a favorite Guns 'N Roses tee hang above a photo of her mom. Enlarge Image
Whose closet would you most like to raid?
"My own on an unlimited budget."
On the floor of her living room, wearing an Alexander Wang dress and Lanvin flats. Enlarge Image
Do you have anything in your closet that you can't bear to throw away?
"I have this Nina Ricci skirt from the hippie-woodland-nymphos-on-acid collection by Olivier Theyskens. It's sort of fairy cavegirl. I've only worn it once, but I'm so in love with it, I don't think I'll ever get rid of it."
Becka's enviable wardrobe. Enlarge Image
What are your favorite places in your 'hood to hang out?
"I love the waterfront at North 8th Street, Diner for amazing farmer's market specials and strong cocktails, and 10 ft. Single for vintage hunting. And I can't live without my Gimme! Coffee in the morning!"
In her dressing room wearing a YSL coat. Enlarge Image
Reading material you can't live without...
"I cannot live without Paris Vogue. Also, Joan Didion's the White Album. I'm also very interested in non-fiction. Right now I am reading Sarah Bernhardt's biography."
A collection of perfumes on her dressing table. Enlarge Image
Do you have any dressing strategies?
"I dress to please myself. I don't leave my house wearing insecurity, and each time I step in to my dressing-room something magical happens."
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