The Holiday Beauty Gifts You Always Got In Middle School

Winter break was magical back when our time was governed by school bells. Holiday movies replaced homework. Red-and-green-wrapped Hershey's Kisses seemed to pop up everywhere. And during our middle school years, we exchanged shiny packages with our BFFs usually containing only the best pre-teen pampering products.

Glittery lotion, shimmery lip gloss, and body spray that smelled like fruit with just a hint of antiseptic were opened with equal excitement. This was a time when the importance of the packaging most likely outweighed that of the quality of the actual cosmetics. A time when a Ring-Pop-shaped lip gloss ring was the best gift of the season. So now, we're going to blast some "8 Days of Christmas" and take a walk down bubblegum-scented memory lane. If this inspires you to search for some Body Fantasies on eBay, we won't judge.
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Body Fantasies Spray
You thought this was super-adult and classy because of the decorative flower motif on the cap. The only question was whether your bestie was the kind of girl who wanted to smell like something called Freesia Fantasy, or like a candy apple slightly melted to the inside of your trick-or-treat bucket.
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Lip Smacker Soda Set
When you just kind of liked the girl you sat next to in English, you got her a solitary Dr. Pepper stick (which is still a super-flattering no-makeup shade, btw). When you wanted to say, "You are my friend and I love you, and I swear to god Denise if you ask to borrow my lip gloss and run it through the wash one more time..." you got the full set.
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Lip Rageous Minis
These tiny, grain silo-shaped nuggets of gloss were the perfect size to stuff into even the little half-sewn-up pocket of your glitter Levi's. And if you're feeling particularly nostalgic, you can still get one for just four quarters in the bathroom of a suburban movie theater.
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Caboodles Necklace
For your bestie who liked her mini lip glosses so much, she was always toting one around. Now she can keep 'em even closer. Bonus '90s-overdrive fact: It came with a scrunchie.
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Photo: Courtesy of YouTube/ModaMob News.
Hard Candy Nail Polish
The true test of friendship: Did you give the polish as is or snag the ring for yourself?
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Everything Art Stuff
After several years of getting salad-scented cucumber everything from your aunt, you found a Bath & Body Works line that really got you. With scents that captured a million Popsicle drips, were packed like cleaning supplies, and felt vaguely space-themed in a way that reminds you of Zenon, these changed the present-giving game.
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Candy-Cane Lip Gloss
It's pretty impersonal, but it is festive.
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