9 Products To Upgrade Your In-Flight Beauty Routine

Nothing makes you feel grimier faster than lugging your suitcases through baggage check, waiting in long security lines, and rushing through terminals for a connecting flight. And, the absolute worst part of flying? Watching the TSA rifle through your beauty bag and toss out all your full-sized stuff.
But, that doesn't mean you have to dump all your pretty products into clear, generic 3.4 fl oz containers. After all, there's nothing less glamorous than whipping out a sad little bottle from your purse with a handwritten label that says "LOTION."
When the very act of flying zaps all the moisture from your skin, leaves your hair oily and your eyes red and puffy, there are a few absolute necessities that you need to sneak into your carry-on. Ahead, we've rounded up the best beauty products to spruce up while on a flight (and after) that are all TSA-approved: No generic bottles required.
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After you just ran through the terminal to make it to your tiny seat, don't stew in your sweat. Instead, give yourself a quick cleanse with these paraben-free, compostable wipes that work on both your body and your face. Not only are they hydrating, they leave behind a light coconut scent that will have you thinking of brighter, less-cramped days.
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They don't call it a redeye for nothing. The number one enemy to looking well-rested is puffy, red eyes. Which also happens to be one of the most unavoidable side effects of flying. When in-flight, your eyes are assaulted by dry, recirculated air and a lack of restful sleep. Soothe and rejuvenate those delicate areaa with oil-free, disposable eye masks like these by Karuna, which use hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture.
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Yes, while the recycled AC air can dry out your skin, your hair isn't immune either. After a long red-eye, rejuvenate your locks with an overnight serum, like Pantene’s Repair & Protect Overnight Miracle Serum, which can help restore shine and softness to your mane to help repair serious damage. No one will guess you just spent a night crammed into an economy airplane seat.
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Blush is your BFF when it comes to faking a well-rested natural glow. But, when choosing your travel buddy, avoid powder blushes — they can settle into fine lines that are aggravated by the dry air. Instead, opt for a cream blush that also has some SPF, like this one by Perricone MD. Blend it into the apples of your cheeks with your fingers for a natural, flushed look.
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You’ve heard it before: Your brows shape and frame your face. And, just by filling them in, you'll look instantly more put-together when you land. This waterproof 5-in-1 powder gel pencil conditions brows and has a spoolie brush on the opposite end to groom any stray hairs into place.
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For a truly one-and-done product, try this double-ended pencil that features two sweat-proof shades to both highlight and provide definition. Use the taupe, shimmery shade on your waterline, under your brows, and in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up your face and make you look more awake. Then, use the darker end to define your eyes just before you land.
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We all suffer from patchy skin, rough elbows, flaky lips, and dry cuticles that only become exacerbated in flight. When you've got nothing but time, whip out this multipurpose balm that comes in three different formulas.
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One of the best things you can do for your skin post-flight is to exfoliate as soon as possible. Getting rid of any dead skin build-up can prevent pores from clogging and minimize the chance of future breakouts. Try this exfoliating mud mask over a traditional scrub. It delivers a deep clean while replenishing your travel-weary skin with much-needed nutrients.
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Seaweed is known for its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect in-flight skincare ingredient. Stash a couple of these in your carry-on for convenient, disposable skincare that keeps skin hydrated and supple. And, yes, we know sheet masks look weird, but let’s be honest: The chances of you actually being seated right next to Ryan Gosling during your flight are extremely low.
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If you haven't discovered the power of face oils yet, now is the time. This oil by Tarte is derived from passion flower, which helps reduce inflammation (read: puffy red skin). The light formula absorbs into the skin quickly and can even be applied under a sheet mask for extra nourishment.