THIS Is Who Owns Your Favorite Beauty Brands

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
One of the beauty industry's least-kept beauty secret is that many of your favorite brands are all owned by the same big company. Think about your bigger-name brands — like Jergens, Essie, Dior Beauty, and Kat Von D. A lot of these share the same parent company.

So why is this important? Well, when brands share a company they also share a bunch of other things — namely technology, ingredient, and formulation innovations. So if you're in love with an expensive shampoo, it's safe to say that the drugstore version that comes out a few months later will feature some interpretation of that formula's secret sauce. Technologies are also shared among brands in the same company, and they tend to trickle from the prestige brands down to the drugstore ones.

So whether you're just curious, hoping to find a cheaper version of your pricy products, or interested in your favorite brands' sister companies, click on through. You may be surprised to find your shampoo has siblings!