Your Beach-Ready Shopping List, Because Summer's Not Over Yet

Photo: Via Dermalogica.
In case you missed the memo, it's already August. (We'll let that sink in for a moment.) If you're like us, you're cursing yourself for not getting your butt to the beach more often — or at all. But, if now's the time you finally get your summer fun underway and hit the sand, take a second. There are some serious supplies you need to tote in order to get yourself 100% beach-ready. Click through for our shopping list of wares to turn you into a total beachside babe. Now, someone pass us a Corona.
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Photo: Via Mac.
Your brows don't have to go haywire when you're sweating and swimming. MAC's tube is 100% waterproof.
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Photo: Via Yes To.
Get everything buffed and ready for your swimsuit with a good body scrub in the shower. Yes To's new formula smells like coconut to get you into that island feeling before you hit the sand.
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Photo: Via CND.
Chips happen constantly when you're at the beach. But, with CND's gel-like topcoat, your nails will stay perfect for up to a week. So, you can give your manicure kit a much-needed vacation.
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A killer beach day requires attention to detail. There are so many things that can be forgotten — a towel, sunscreen, snacks. One worry we could do without is remembering to shave. But, that fear is a thing of the past with the new Gillette Venus Snap portable razor, which comes with its own carrying case. All we need is a splash of water, and we can get smooth ASAP. Advertisement
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Photo: Via Urban Decay.
Even if you stay safely hidden under your umbrella all day, Urban Decay's Bronzing Beauty Balm will help you get that glow — without the sun.
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Photo: Via Julep.
May we suggest matching your manicure to your bikini? Julep's shade is a fun pop of color.
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Photo: Via Buckler's.
After a long day in the sun, your face is in need of some TLC. Luckily, Buckler's moisturizer is formulated with aloe, so you can moisturize and help cure any sunburn that may have snuck onto your face.
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Photo: Via L'Occitane.
Repeat after us: Never forget your sunscreen! L'Occitane's Jenipapo Oil doesn't smell like SPF, which is a win-win in our book.
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Photo: Via L:A Bruket.
Banish chapped lips with this delightfully scented balm. You'll want to keep it in your bag 365 days a year.
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Photo: Via Mulliein & Sparrow.
Nothing instantly refreshes you more than a sweet-smelling toning mist. Mullein & Sparrow's is made with lavender, which just aids in getting you totally blissed-out beachside.
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Photo: Via Dr. Carver's.
Need to shave your legs just a few hours before you take a dive into the ocean? Soothe those gams with some of Dr. Carver's Post Shave moisturizer.
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Photo: Via The Body Shop.
A soap that doubles as an exfoliant gets you out the door — and on the beach — that much faster.
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Photo: Via Yarok.
Keep your strands healthy with a good hair serum. This one is formulated to moisturize so the salt air doesn't totally suck your strands dry.
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Photo: Via Dermalogica.
Look, nobody's perfect. If you did happen to get a little burned (no judgment!), Dermalogica's After Sun Repair will set you straight.
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