13 Bright Bathroom Upgrades

Since the bathroom is the most grimy and utilitarian room in your pad, it actually deserves more design love than any other space. Just because you're in and out in 15 minutes flat every morning doesn't mean the surroundings shouldn't capture your attention from time to time. So, we found 13 bright, affordable pieces for an instant restroom refresh. Even if you have zero counter space, funky soap cones in the tub and a pear-shaped mirror on the wall will make a huge difference. You just might want to start hanging out in there.
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A holder so glamorous you'll be looking forward to brushing.
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This candle will make nightly soaks more serene.
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We can almost guarantee your bathroom doesn't have enough pineapples.
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Rainbow knobs you might not want to hang towels over.
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Unique in shape, this pear mirror is understated but does the job.
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Art and utility join forces for these adorable, affordable soaps.
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You don't even need to put fresh flowers in these bud vases for a dose of spring.
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This is a bath-time necessity for the little ones in your life.
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It's all about the little things — like French soap.
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Learn a new constellation every time you do your makeup!
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Extra bright, for a little pre-caffeine wakeup call.
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The outdoors comes in with this grassy holder.
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If you buy one thing for your bathroom, go for a fun rug.