Naked Jewelry? Yes, It's A Thing & You'll Want To Try It

Season after season, we subject our closets to thoughtful edits, tossing out fussy and once-worn pieces in favor of silhouettes we actually love. Our jewelry box should be no different: While it's fun to get a bit more playful when dressing up those streamlined staples, the clinking of an arm party against a desk gets old real fast (for you and for your cubicle mates).

In fact, we often want the opposite out of our accessories. They shouldn't be disruptive at all; they should instead become one with our outfits, our selves. Ideally, we should be able to forget we're even wearing jewelry — that would be true accessory symbiosis.

Enter "naked jewelry": the most minimal pieces that even you forget to take off. We've singled out the best barely-there earrings, bracelets, and necklaces you can wear day and night. Give your jewelry box a discerning makeover with one of the perfectly simple staple pieces ahead.

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The most effortless shine comes from tiny black diamonds that subtly sparkle on your everyday studs.
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This simple gold-meets-gunmetal necklace has a subtle added bonus: There's no clasp or fastening on the vintage chain. You can truly forget you're wearing it, because you won't constantly be fumbling to correct its positioning on your neck.
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It's time to simplify the arm party. In fact, let's make it a very exclusive affair. First up, we have a no-fuss piece with a cheeky sensibility: This rose-gold bracelet has an accent band halfway through in the shape of a sewing needle, for your inner couturier.
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The 0.21-carat Asscher-cut diamond feels almost weightless when resting on a light gold chain. (Don't worry, it's still perfectly safe: The solid band hooks around the back for security.)
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Consider this your new ball-and-chain: hanging earrings so versatile, sophisticated, and, most importantly, comfortable, you'll wear them day in, day out.
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This chain hangs close to the neck, like a choker, with two delicate strands of yellow gold dangling from a diamond-stud setting. Think of it as a very sophisticated, minimalist bolo tie.
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Etched to perfection, this delicate rose-gold band will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your stack (although it looks just as lovely occupying that precious finger real estate solo).
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Wwake's Counting Collection is founded on the idea of simplicity. Here, a streamlined 14K-gold bar serves as the foundation for an opal (or one of four other stones), perched cooly on its base.
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An extra-delicate pendant you'll wear with anything and everything, because odds are you'll forget you're wearing it at all.
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For those who can't ever pick just one: This gold-and-silver chain can be worn as either a wrap bracelet or a pendant, making it the most versatile piece in your dream jewelry box.
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Slide these bent-strand earrings through your piercings (with the knobs facing forward) for a structured and very subtle statement.
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String these delicate hanging earrings through for a barely-there pendant look.

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