Band Tees To Collect — And Wear Over And Over Again

Photo: Courtesy of Motel Rocks.
Maybe we're overly sentimental, maybe we're closeted clothes hoarders, but we've collected quite a stock of old and used pieces over the years that we just can't toss. And, we can't deny that we feel feelings when wearing them, too. Like a well-worn leather jacket or pair of vintage Chanel flats, the band tee ranks pretty high when it comes to emotional value.
Because, nothing better embodies the memory of your first concert quite like a keepsake T-shirt purchased at one of those overpriced stands. This editor has got a threadbare Goo Goo Dolls top stashed away in her dresser as proof. Quitting them isn't even an option. And, we why should we? Tucked into a midi-skirt or styled casually with dark-rinse skinnies, they're just as versatile as our favorite denim — maybe even more so since we can wear them as pajamas, too. So, join us in this indulgence, and add a new fave just in time for festival season.
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Sublime 1993 Vintage Concert Tee, $80, available at Motel Rocks.
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Maje David Bowie Rebel Tee, $76, available at Maje.
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Pixies Dirty Sweatshirt, $56, available at Pixies Band Store.
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Is this brand new, or did you find it hidden away at a rancher's estate sale on your last trip to Marfa? Either way, it rocks.

Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren Warrior Boyfriend Tee, $39.50, at Ralph Lauren.
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New Edition 1986 Vintage Concert Tee, $300, available at What Goes Around Comes Around via Farfetch.
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Johnny Marr White Johnny Fuckin Marr Tee, $30, available at The Stereo Boutique.
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Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Tee, $25, available at DEAD.NET.
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Alice Cooper Vintage Shock Rock Tee, $258, available at Nasty Gal.
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Old Navy Jimi Hendrix Concert Tee, $14.94, available at Old Navy.
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Junk Food Debbie Harry Tee, $42, available at Junk Food.

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