26 Spring Bags

Time for the girls to grab our top carry-alls of summer. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
It's the dawn of a new season, and we'll be the first to admit that slipping back into all those wispy dresses and barely there finery for the first time is a fashion high we'll never get over. But maybe even better than all that is packing up winter's beautifully beat-up satchel for something lighter, prettier, and designed perfectly to take you exactly where you want to go this summer, whether it's every day to the office or out into the hot, hot night.
Our top picks this season cover ample ground, giving good bag in nearly every category. For day, we're loving polished-up duffel bags (the ultimate blending of fun and function), roomy printed market bags, gussied-up evening pouches, and a few surprises, like one mini, metallic-purple tote and a couple of gloriously yummy shoulder styles that keep plenty of extra room at the ready for ditching town on a hot summer day. Read on for more ways to put the tricks back in your bag.
Above, from left:
Acne Trotter bag, $159, available at Acne Studios.
Salvor Projects Laser Etched Calf-Leather Tote, $950, by special order through Salvor Projects.
Built by Wendy Patchwork Tote, $134, available at Built By Wendy.
Our favorite tote bags from eBay: Vintage Rattan and Leather Tote, starting bid $9.99; Vintage Nylon Fabergé Bag, starting bid $2.77.
Cross-Body Bags
Above, from left:
Pixie Market Woven Bag, $79, available at Pixie Market.
Mayle Mariachi Snake Cut Baby Billie Bag, $415, available at Bird.
Vanessa Bruno Stud Detail Bag, $298, available at La Garçonne.
Our favorite cross-body bags from eBay: Striped Vintage Fendi Purse, starting bid $24.99; Another Striped Vintage Fendi Purse, starting bid $10; Liz Claiborne Woven Bag, $9.99; Super Simple Vintage Coach Bag with Very Long Strap, starting bid $34.99.
Evening Bags
Above, from left:
Gryson Beca Liquid Patent Bag, $795, available at Gryson.
Angel Jackson Silver Crochet Beaded Bag, $220, available at Stel's and Angel Jackson.
Bing Bang Marilyn Pouchette, $396, available at Jumelle.
Our favorite evening bags from eBay: NAME; Metal/Tin Evening Bag, starting bid $9.99; Vintage Metal Bag Handmade in Italy, starting bid $5.01.
Above, from left:
Stephanie Verdino Mini Metallic Tote, $275, available at Otte.
Hope Shopping Bag, $290, available at Project No. 8.
Rachel Comey Ivan Toolbag, $322, available at I Heart.
Above, from left:
Ashley Watson Indigo Plover Bag (made from recycled leather jackets), $375, available at Kaight.
Vanessa Bruno Lune Fabric Bag, $520, available at La Garçonne.
Starr McCaleb Market Bag, $450, available in mid May at Apiece Apart.
Messenger Bags
Above, from left:
Foley & Corinna Desert Messenger Bag, $564, available at Steven Alan.
Jas MB Soft Tan Medium Bag, $665, available at Zoe.
Duffle Bags
Above, from left:
Andrea Brueckner Cardiff Large Satchel, $585, available at Andrea Brueckner.
CDG CDG Knot Bag, about $100, available at Dover Street Market
Andrea Brueckner Patent Cardiff Large Satchel, $585, available at Andrea Brueckner.
Our favorite duffle bags from eBay: A.P.C. Denim Duffle Bag, starting bid $65.00.
Denim Bags
Above, from left:
Built By Wendy Denim Striped Tote Bag, $80, available at Built By Wendy.
LD Tuttle Wanderer Bag in Denim, $255, available at Creatures of Comfort.
Sunshine & Shadow Printed Denim Bag, $158, available at Bird.
Our favorite denim bags from eBay: Heavy Duty Denim Twill Bag, $49.56 (comes with 11 other bags that you may, or may not, want); Blue Denim Purse, current bid $4.99.
Chain Strap Bags
Loeffler Randall Bunny Rosette Mini Metallic Bag, $242, available at Shop Bop.
Rebecca Minkoff Rose Bag, $295, available at Jumelle.
Jenny Yuen Gia Shoulder Bag in Sapphire, $438, available at Otte.
Our favorite chain-strap bags from eBay: Cleo & Patek Croc Evening Bag with Shoulder Chain, current bid $61; Lizard Envelope Purse with Chain Strap, $9.99; Vintage '60s Silver Leather Chain-Strap Purse, current bid $9.99.
Time for the girls to grab our top carry-alls of summer.

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