Bad Weather, Good Outfits: How To Deal

You know those mornings: You wake up at the sound of your alarm and immediately assume you've made a mistake in setting it. After all, it's still dark outside, the whole vibe feels gloomy, and there's no possible way it could be time to get up, given how quiet everything is. But, no — it's just a no-good, rainy day, and you've got to get dressed.
This time, instead of reaching for your standard leggings, galoshes, and a ratty shirt you don't mind getting wet, let's try and put some brightness into the day, even if the sun isn't really holding up its end of the deal. Using waterproof shoes, a sturdy umbrella, and separates that won't wilt in the face of some water, the five ladies to follow show us how to make the most of a bad-weather day. Click through to check out the stellar outfits they've concocted to put the "glo" back in "gloom."

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