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9 Terrible Movies By Great Directors

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    A college professor once told us that making a movie is one of the most difficult things imaginable. We believe him. We've since gone on to meet some of the world's best directors, and can attest that the men and women who make feature films are some of the brightest and most gifted on the planet. To lead a team of technicians and creatives while navigating every obstacle imaginable just to have your vision realized, you'd have to be.

    But, what happens when that vision goes horribly awry?

    Not even the greatest auteurs of our generation are immune to the odd cinematic misstep. You have to go all the way back to the '80s for Steven Spielberg's one true dump truck of a movie, while fellow legend Francis Ford Coppola is more prone to celluloid stumbles. In fact, just about every great director who ever lived has had at least one truly awful film. Here are nine of our favorite flops.

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