10 Stages Of Getting A Bad Haircut

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Bad haircuts: We’ve all had them, but we try our best to forget them. Why fixate on the negative and bring up all those painful memories of growing out an unfortunate chop? While you may not want to relive the experience, you can rest assured that almost everyone has been there at some point.

Maybe your regular stylist wasn’t available. Maybe you got inspired by a celebrity whose hair is a totally different texture from yours, or maybe you just felt more adventurous than usual. Whatever the cause, a bad haircut is an inevitable rite of passage. You've just got to keep on keeping on, and remember: It’s hair. It will grow back.

Ahead, we examine each stage of the ordeal, so you can look back and laugh — and make sure it never happens again. Just be sure to book your next appointment with someone you trust.
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Stage 1: The Anticipation
Getting a new haircut is exciting. It’s a chance to reinvent your look and challenge how people see you — or just make sure your hair is healthy and trimmed. Whatever the end goal, a haircut is great for a painless change — or is it?
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Stage 2: The Hair Salon
Ah, the salon. A great place to wind down, leave your cares at the door, and relax. But sometimes, laying back while a stranger kneads shampoo onto your scalp may get you into such a blissful state that you put just a little too much trust in whoever is wielding those scissors.
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Stage 3: It's All Happening
Hairdressers possess a unique and invaluable set of skills, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean that miscommunication, an unusual cut, or a texture they’re not used to working with can’t lead to a major mix-up. Once you're settled into the chair, even if you have zero hair-cutting experience, it’s hard not to notice when a cut isn’t looking or feeling quite right.
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Stage 4: You're Feeling It
Okay, maybe you were worried for no reason — you look good! But don't get too excited; your blowout may be deceiving you. Your stylist could be a pro with the hot tools, and not so much with the scissors. After your first post-cut shower, that excitement turns to dread.
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Stage 5: Reality Sets In
There often isn’t time to scrutinize a cut while you're still in the salon (plus, that blowout) and you really, really want it to work. But once you put your nose against a mirror at home and really investigate, things don’t look right. It’s uneven, layers aren’t blended — this is not what you asked for.
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Stage 6: Rage Sets In
Over an hour in the chair after 20 minutes of consultation (plus that hefty fee and generous tip), and this is what you get? Grrrrrr.
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Stage 7: Just Breathe
You keep telling yourself: It’s just hair. It will grow back. It’s not worth going back into the salon and confronting the stylist. And now that you think of it, maybe the consultation wasn’t that comprehensive…
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Stage 8: Making It Work...
In the meantime, there’s always an updo.
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Stage 9: ...Still
And extensions.
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Stage 10: Live To Tell (Or Not Tell) The Tale
You’ll get over the trauma, one day. At least this bad haircut experience will keep you on your toes at your next appointment?
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