12 Adorable DIYs You Can ACTUALLY Do

Photo: Courtesy of Say Yes.
As August winds down and September 1 looms, we can’t help but feel slightly nostalgic for our back-to-school days. The promise of pointy pencils, colorful notebooks, and a brand-spankin’-new backpack almost made the foul cafeteria smell and mandatory gym classes worthwhile.

Now that we’re adults (or at the very least, faking it until we make it), nobody’s forcing us to eat soggy mystery meat or run a mile at 8:00 a.m. on a freezing-cold track. And yet, we really wouldn’t mind a new book bag filled with fresh desk supplies…

If you find yourself in the back-to-school spirit, try out these epic DIYs that will sprinkle your adult life with the little things you loved about being a kid.
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Photo: Courtesy of Say Yes.
Paint-Chip Calendar By Say Yes
That trip to the dentist will seem a lot less daunting when written over a breezy, blue paint hue called “Graceful Sea.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Jade And Fern.
Ombre Notebooks By Jade And Fern
Ombre hair may be last season, but ombre notebooks never go out of style. Buy them in bulk, give ‘em a paint job, and create a perfect rainbow stack on your desk.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Crafted Life.
Color-Blocked Pencils By The Crafted Life
Turn your pencils into miniature works of art for some instant inspiration. Just be careful not to chew off all of your hard work.
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Photo: Courtesy of Make And Tell.
Wood Bangle Pencil Cup By Make And Tell
Instead of tossing out those wooden bangles that just can’t seem to stay on your wrist, turn them into a chic, geometric pencil holder with this easy hack.
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Photo: Courtesy of Homey Oh My.
Gold Desk Dishes By Homey Oh My!
Even paperclips look chic when stored in one of these elegant, gold dishes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mason Jar Crafts Love.
Back-To-School Mason Jars By Mason Jar Crafts Love
Repurpose some old mason jars into a personalized desk set. Fill with pencils, flowers, or emergency work chocolate.
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Photo: Courtesy of And We Play.
Geo Notebook By And We Play
This simple geometric embroidery gives a plain notebook some edge without being too cutesy.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Salvaged Boutique.
Upcycled Birdcage Desk Organizer By The Salvaged Boutique
Whether you’re really into that Sia music video or just looking for a more attractive way to store your mail, this birdcage desk organizer is a must-make.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oh Everything Handmade.
Custom Cork Board By Oh Everything Handmade
Standard, square cork boards are bland and often take up too much space. Try making your own version for a result that is both functional and fabulous.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Spoonful of Sugar.
Wooden-Tray Makeover By A Spoonful Of Sugar
Enjoy a cocktail and plan your dream European getaway with this stylish tray.
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Photo: Courtesy of A House Full Of Sunshine.
Industrial Wire Mail Baskets By A House Full Of Sunshine
Say hello to these easy-to-make mail-sorting bins and goodbye to lost and overdue bills.
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Photo: Courtesy of Upcycled Treasures.
Copper Pipe Desk By Upcycled Treasures
This copper-pipe desk makes it easy to achieve an industrial-chic workspace. (Instructions here.)
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