Home-Candy! This Hot Designer Shows Off His Brownstone Apartment Bachelor Pad

We love a guy that can think outside the whole leather-chair-and-chrome-accents decorating box, which is one of the many reasons we're digging Hyden Yoo's exquisite West Village abode. Indeed, this buzzed-about designer let us into his pad (a long-term sublet from a pal)—on the first floor of a townhouse that looks just like Carrie Bradshaw's—and we're falling for the giant windows, incredible light, and high ceilings, not to mention the complete lack of the requisite bare wall and giant flatscreen combo. Plus, the exotic prints, trippy art, and, uh, a giant Buddha head, serve as the perfect compliment to Yoo's clean collection, and, dare we say, classic, handsome looks. Lovin' the added street style of the kicks and caps, a Yoo signature you might not expect after peeping last year's Fashion Week show full of preppy-pretty-sleek pieces. Oh, and any straight man that sleeps with a sock monkey is worth a first-date. And hopefully a second.
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Hyden Yoo poses for us in an OAK shirt with Cheap Monday jeans and Bass shoes.
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"This is my favorite room because I like to veg out in front of the TV almost every day. The woodwork, the creaky floors, and my giant lamp give it a little character. Not to mention my huge couch, which plays host to visiting friends almost weekly."
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"Oftentimes, I bring work home. I had to sew on some labels and measure some stuff on some of our new women’s samples."
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"As you can see, I’m really into sports. My Louboutins were getting re-heeled."
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Hyden Yoo outside his West Village apartment.
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"I like meeting artists and learning their work—getting to know their unique view points and seeing the beautiful work that drives them really inspires me. I was lucky enough to meet Celeste Rapone at a gallery in Brooklyn, and she brought this piece down from her studio by hand. There is nothing like buying and supporting local."
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"I wish I could say that I was hiking through the Himalayas and uncovered this giant buddha head that whispered to me the meaning of life, but my friend Josh gave it to me when I moved in. I think he got it at Restoration Hardware. For some reason, my friends buy me Asian stuff thinking I’m into it."
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"I tucked all the dirty magazines at the bottom of the stacks. I have an eclectic mix of books. My friend Darryl wrote Harvest to Heat, which is a collection of recipes from top chefs and farmers.Goes from photography to cookbooks. Only in New York."
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"I have a million fitted caps. My white Yankees cap fell off my head in a cab and landed on a mixture of hot sauce and tzatziki sauce on my doner kebab. Needless to say I was drunk and tried to cover it up by splattering ink all over the hat. It obviously didn’t work."
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"Michael Shankman, Gordon Austin, Wayne Coe, Daniel Ochoa. Although some of these artists have moved up and/or out, they all spent time in here. My art sense is similar to a locavore's—buy local and sustain the eco-system. It's a healthy way to dig into the richness of home."
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"Poor monkey. If only he could speak… The Debra Hampton piece between the windows was the first work of art I ever purchased. She’s blowing up. Oh, and I only read like 1/18th of all those books."
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"Some Hyden Yoo T-shirts fresh from the dryer. I try to rock my own stuff more and more, but it’s like Pearl Jam wearing a Pearl Jam T-shirt to their own concert, no?"
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"Chillin' on the stoop. I have amazing ankles, so I show them off, but I think my thumbs are camera shy. I’m wearing a Standard Issue knitted sweater with super tight Levi’s and beat-up Ferragamo shoes."