Channeling: Our Favorite Baby-Sitter's Club Members

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    Nothing conjures up memories from our childhood like flipping through worn copies of one of the most beloved young-adult series of all time, The Baby-Sitters Club. In the late ‘80s and well into the ‘90s, author Ann M. Martin dreamed up an iconic group of friends that we could relate to.

    Among the seven whip-smart, talented, and unique members, surely you had a favorite. Maybe you were an artsy youngin’ with a flair for weird fashion, like Claudia. Perhaps you were bookish and shy and felt akin to Mary Anne. Or maybe you were the tomboy ringleader of the group and felt especially fond of Kristy. Regardless of which member you felt was your soul sister, the characters undoubtedly helped us all get through those turbulent adolescent years, and for that, we’re thankful. Consider this our little ode to the gals of Stoneybrook, and click through to relive some of their unforgettable '90s style with a modern twist.

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