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Shani Silver

Shani Silver

About Author

This summer, the one thing I absolutely, positively cannot live without is... "A pair of open-toe booties. I can't get enough."

Next up on my Netflix... "Either The West Wing, The Wire, or Six Feet Under. Forever."

Latest guilty pleasure... "Ice Loves Coco. What?"

The one song I can listen to over and over...and over is... "'Blue Letter' by Fleetwood Mac. If you haven't had a Lindsey Buckingham phase, you have not lived."

Current food obsession... "I recently visited Montreal, and I'm fascinated by poutine. I've become a mad scientist trying to come up with a healthy version of it. Wish me luck."

The latest trick I've picked up from the other R29 editors is..."I'm really into our DIY everything. The pinata is up next!"

My must-have cheap thrill... "Blouses from the Salvation Army. I may have a problem."


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