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Seija Rankin

Seija Rankin

Associate Entertainment Editor

Contributing since
March 2012

Stories Written:

This summer, the one thing I absolutely, positively cannot live without is... "My Alex Wang Rocco studded duffel. Season after season, I've had a love affair with this bag and I don't think it's going away anytime soon."

Current food obsession... "Grilled cheese from anywhere, even my own kitchen occasionally, as long as it's made with a good sharp cheddar. No Kraft Singles for this girl, thankyouverymuch."

Next up on my Netflix is... "I just finished the last season of Friday Night Lights and I can't bring myself to let another show into my life just yet. Texas Forever."

The one song I can listen to over and over...and over to is... "Anything from Mariah Carey's "#1's" album. It's my opinion that a good '90s jam never goes out of style."

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