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Samantha Sutton

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Feb, 2014

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The one song I can listen to over and over and over to is...
Still Sane by Lorde. It’s about working hard to achieve success and I find it to be very motivating when I’m in a “meh” sort of mood. I’m not above following the ways of millionaire 17-year-olds.

My must-have cheap thrill...
Costume jewelry, but more specifically, rings from Forever 21. They’re always on trend, cost less than a cup of coffee and really make my look complete. I sometimes coat them in clear nail polish so that they look good longer and don’t get discolored. (Credit for that tip goes to my mom.)

My current obsession is...
Game of Thrones. I binge-watched all three seasons last December and then started reading the books. I also may or may not have used multiple apps to see how I’d look as a platinum blonde.

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