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Lauren Caruso

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October 2012

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This holiday season, the one thing I absolutely, positively cannot live without is...
My ever-growing collection of crystal statement necklaces — you'll never catch me in bright hues (save for my shoes), so they're a necessity.

Current obsession...
Morning runs! I just moved to Gramercy, but instead of basking in my (much) shorter commute to work, I use the extra hour to get moving before the cold weather rushes in. It's much cheaper than a weekly SoulCycle sesh.

The one song I can listen to over and over and over to is...
"Ice Cream" by Raekwon, because duh.

The latest trick I've picked up from the other R29 editors is...
Scouring eBay! Between our EIC, Christene, and our New York Editor, Annie Georgia Greenberg, I've learned the value of a well-timed bid.

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