Don't Sweat It: How To Do Sporty At Work

While we're not all spin-class devotees or pliable enough for Pilates, there’s one thing that both the gym crazed and uncoordinated can agree on: athletic-inspired gear is having a moment. Heels are being swapped out for comfy sneakers, sporty silhouettes are slowly invading everyday wardrobes, and the crewneck sweatshirt has never looked more chic. (Anyone else hope this trend never dies?) Perhaps the best part of this effortless new style of dressing (aside from the fact that it’s not necessarily a precursor to cardio) is that it works in almost every setting — from date night to weekend adventures to the office come Monday.
Yep, this comfy look is actually 9-to-5 appropriate (at least on casual Friday for those with a dress code to contend with). And, while we wouldn’t recommend wearing a mesh crop top to a meeting with your boss, there’s no reason some of these sport-gone-serious pieces couldn't cut it at your cubicle. Check out our picks ahead, and then put the work back in workout wear.
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Sleek by itself or with a blazer for that important meeting.
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This updated take on the V-neck is classic, but punched up with perforated details.
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From far away, these track pants look like a normal printed trouser, but up-close? So-cool joggers.
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Pair this top with culottes or a full skirt to look more polished and less...running back.
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If you can get away with sneakers at the office, try a trainer in a neutral hue with classed-up finishes, so they don't look sloppy.
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Go for a pencil skirt in a sweat-like material instead of your silk or cotton standby. The shape keeps it sophisticated, while the jersey fabric sneaks in all the sporty comfort.
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Give your blazer a break by pairing a fun bomber over a crisp, white button-down and trousers.
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Tuck a tennis tee into wide-legged jeans for a nostalgic look that's back and better than ever.
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Pair this with dark skinnies and a pointy stiletto and you'll be declared MVP of Friday.