7 Astrology Accounts You Need To Follow On Twitter

Photographed by Lauren Maccabee.
Dedicated astro fans need more cosmic #content than a weekly horoscope column can provide. Luckily, there's a whole corner of Twitter ruled by budding astrology scholars and bona fide astrologers alike.
Of course, if we were to name every single astro maven who provides us with celestial wisdom and humor through Twitter, we'd be here all day. There are plenty of astrologers who write long-form horoscopes and have incredible Twitter presences (Chani Nicholas, Mecca Woods, Janelle Belgrave, Luke Dani Blue, Annabel Gat, and Colin Bedell come to mind).
But, we're specifically shouting out the Twitter users who make the most of the site's format, firing off pithy, cosmically insightful takes. Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite astrological Twitter accounts. Each account has a slightly different take on the stars, and that's why it'll behoove you to follow at least a couple of them. If nothing else, you'll end up with a stellar timeline (sorry, we had to).
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Astro Poets

Simultaneously enigmatic and hilarious, this account is co-run by "actual living poets," Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov. Amid one-off memes and roasts of the signs, Lasky and Dimitrov tweet stream-of-consciousness weekly horoscopes that feature mysterious lines like, "what is silence if not an answer to a very noisy question," and "even if you go to the moon your heart will find you and remind you of home."

Follow if you think that interpreting your 'scopes is half the fun of reading them.
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Astro Bebs

Following the Astro Bebs is like suddenly having an astrologically enlightened, kind of mean older sister. They'll compare your sign to vanilla ice cream and point out how the stars might be making you sabotage your own dating life, then turn around and remind you that, hey, none of the other signs of the Zodiac are any better than yours.

Follow if your worldview could use an injection of dark, astrological humor.
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Memes can be intellectual and if you disagree, let this account prove you wrong. For every post about fire signs in general, there's one about people with grand trines in their chart. Don't know what a grand trine is? Don't worry, thanks to the informative threads that help define the astrological terms used in previous posts, you won't be left out of the joke.

Follow if you want to learn more about planetary placements while still laughing at how the planets mess with us.
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Business astrologer and writer Ashleigh D. Johnson is a font of astrological wisdom, but her feed truly stands out thanks to her regular moon updates. Rather than focus only on the monthly full moon, Johnson tweets about the importance of the moon's phase and placement every night, reminding us that the moon's always up to something, even if it isn't at its brightest.

Follow if you really, really cannot get enough of the moon.
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Your moon sign influences your relationship with your mother way more than your sun sign. Fixed signs are only so stubborn because of their pride. The full moon, depending what sign it's in, is going to affect your mood. These are just a few examples of the fun facts that this account posts, reminding you that, if you look for it, you can find an astrological explanation for all of your quirks.

Follow if you finish reading your horoscope and ask, "But why?"
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This account is an excellent follow if you want another source for retrograde updates and long-term predictions. But its illustrative threads comparing the signs to the seasons or to Star Wars characters make it stand out from the rest. You might be tired of hearing that your sign is a water sign, for example, but reading that its personality traits emulate the energy of the wintertime could totally change how you relate to your sign.

Follow if you're looking for new ways to define the Zodiac.
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Only an anonymous person on the internet (who just so happens to know their stuff, astrologically speaking) can be completely honest with you. And, as much as we like reading about our sign's strengths, it's probably more important that we hear about its weaknesses. That's where Rude Astrology comes in, filling your timeline with white-hot, well-deserved roasts of your sign and everyone else's. Sensitive souls need not follow.

Follow if you just want to get unapologetically dragged.