6 Shockingly Easy, Insanely Cool 'Dos To DIY

We head to ASOS when we're in need of a seriously stylish find on a cheap budget — their convenient free shipping, hassle-free ordering, and stellar runway view make things super-easy — but we can't say they're on our hit-list for beauty tips. Well, looks like the e-retailer wants to be a one-stop shop for all of our needs: The latest copy of the ASOS magazine features some pretty righteous hairstyle DIYs that had us staring slack-jawed at our screens for a good five minutes.
The intricate coiffs made it seem like these 'dos would take hours to achieve, but when we read the how-tos, we found they were actually pretty easy to create. Click through to learn how to score these sweet styles for yourself.
Photos: Via ASOS
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Clip It
Blow-dry hair straight, then separate the front of your hair from the rest. Use a comb to brush your hair back into a ponytail and secure with an elastic, but on the last loop, don't pull the hair all the way through. Grab a handful of bright clips or barrettes and attach them throughout the back of your hair at random. Swoop your front hair over to the side and tuck behind your ears, securing in place with a bobby pin. Finish with hairspray to hold.

Photo: Via ASOS
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Scarf Up
Divide the top section of your hair into a diamond parting (i.e. take hair from above the eyebrows down to the middle of the head) and add a hair elastic to secure. Tie the very end of a scarf around the elastic and leave the other hair loose. Grab sections of hair and work it around the scarf, securing with bobby pins as you go. Loop hair over and under the scarf to create a unique design. Tuck in the ends of your hair and spray with hairspray.

Photo: Via ASOS
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Crimped Victory Rolls
Divide hair into four to six sections, then crimp each section, lifting the hair off the head to diffuse the line and create body. Once all of your hair has been crimped, backcomb it around the face and at the roots. Divide hair into two sections, one wider than the other. Pull the hair back and loosely roll it once, away from the hair, securing with bobby pins. Lightly tease and backcomb loose hair to create added volume and texture, then spray with hairspray to hold.

Photo: Via ASOS
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Color Splash
Create a zig-zag part down the center of your head, then French braid the left side of the hair and secure with a clear har elastic. Do the same with the right side of the head, making sure to bring in more hair from the front section so that you get a braid that's more asymmetrical and curved around than your first. Secure the braid loosely with a clear elastic, then secure the ends of the hair to your head with some bobby pins. Cover your clothes and face with a towel to protect them, then spray temporary hair color all over your head.

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Wet-Look Twist
Apply a super-shiny gel throughout your hair to give it a wet finish. Put three bobby pins along the side of your head, beginning at the ear, for guidance. Starting at the temple, twist the hair along the line of the pins, adding more hair as you go. Stop at the back of the head and do the same thing with the other side, until the twists meet. Secure the hair into a ponytail with an elastic, then roll the leftover hair up and under, tucking it out of sight with some bobby pins. Remove the pins you used as guides and smooth hair with your fingers.

Photo: Via ASOS
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The Double Bun
Apply styling cream all over hair to make it sleek. Create a side part, then divide hair into two sections, one at the front and one near the back of the head. Secure each section with a ponytail, then backcomb the tops of the ponytail to add volume. Take the top ponytail and make a large loop over your fingers, rolling the hair around them. Secure the loop to the hair using bobby pins, then repeat with the bottom ponytail, rolling it in the opposite direction. Fan the loops around the elastic to hide it, then spray with hairspray.

Photo: Via ASOS