10 Artists Breaking All The Rules

Who's more daring: The woman who re-imagines stripping as social commentary or the one who overhauls the artistic style that made her famous? In truth, that's the wrong question to ask. Both are incredible. They represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tremendous pool of talent making waves in the art world.

And, in our book, there's nothing bolder — or more beautiful — than a woman who does what she wants and makes no apologies for it. Which is precisely what we're celebrating here today. With some help from the tastemakers at Revlon, we're paying tribute to a few of the gutsiest artists out there in the latest installment of "Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs."

These 10 inventive women will challenge everything you think you know about "creative types." Whether they’re using their hands, a camera, or even their naked bodies to tell a story, these artists are creating works that challenge how we see the world. So, if trailblazers and envelope-pushers are your thing, keep reading. You might find your definition of beauty upended.

Hang Out With The Women Of Beauty Nation

Have you met our New Provocateurs yet? We already introduced you to the ground-breaking women in fashion and music, but now it's time to meet a whole new class: 10 artists who are breaking the mold and challenging what beauty really means.
Come hang out backstage as they get glammed up for our third Beauty Nation shoot. You'll not only get a sneak peek of the Revlon products used to create their bold looks, but also the unique styles they showed off and exclusive interviews with each New Provocateur. Then, check out the next amazing installment of Beauty Nation. We guarantee you'll be inspired to shake up your own look.