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7 EASY Moves For Killer Arms

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    Striving for sculpted arms? Don't get stuck in a boring push-up/dip/curl cycle. There’s more to a toned upper body than just giving your triceps and biceps a little love. That's why we asked Leanne Shear, personal trainer and co-founder of Uplift studio in NYC, to upgrade our favorite upper-body toning exercises (and add a few new ones) for a more powerful and more interesting arm routine that targets every muscle. And, since you’re already exercising, she snuck in a few moves to tighten your core, too — muscle multitasking at its finest.

    To do this workout, all you’ll need is a pair of light hand-weights; start with three- to five-pounders, and increase the resistance as you start to feel stronger. Tack these seven exercises onto the end of your cardio routine twice a week, or just pick a few and knock 'em out. Sounds just perfect for "sun's out, guns out" season.

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