17-Year-Old Models File Suit Against Creepy, "Religious" Agent

Shocking as it was, Galliano-gate might have just been the straw that broke the camel's scandal's back. Last month, another major label got dealt a bombshell when news broke that Alexander Wang could be responsible for some highly unethical labor polices, not just avant-garde sportswear, and today, three underage models filed a sexual harassment suit against Aristeo Tengco, agent and owner of Emmanuel New York Models. The allegations aren't pretty. Hayden Holt (19), Jessica Lee (17), and Kayla Hill (17) accuse Tengco of not only withholding their earnings, but also tricking them with pseudo-Christian values, which ultimately turned into unwanted heavy-petting during evening prayer sessions gone very, very wrong. Ick! Fashion industry: Check yourself before you wreck yourself! No one's down with this. (StyleLite)embed-t
Photo via: Emmanuel NY Models

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