Ardency Inn’s New Lipstick Line Is Music to Our Ears

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    The holiday season came and went, along with the fun (okay, sometimes stress) of primping for holiday parties. But, tinsel is hardly the only reason to get dolled up. So, the folks at Ardency Inn just gave us a little extra incentive. The NYC-based makeup brand recently launched “The Sound of New York,” a smart line of long-wear lipstick. In keeping with Ardency’s urban-chic vibe, each of the four shades is inspired by a different NYC DJ, and has thus been cleverly dubbed Modster Lip Vinyl.

    DJs Audrey Napoleon, Brooklyn Dawn, Becka Diamond, and Valissa Yoe — in addition to having really awesome names — were tapped to be Ardency Inn's makeup muses. All four are veterans of the downtown music scene, having played at hotspots like Le Bain, Soho House, and Le Baron. Each Modster Lip Vinyl shade mirrors their four, unique musical styles: there is the plum-red Dubstep Remix, the hot pink Studio Mix, the magenta-y Club Remix, and the red-orange Original Mix. The girls even made special playlists that echo their Lip Vinyl, all available on Ardency’s website.

    Ardency Inn co-founder, Gilles Kortzagadarian says the ladies really embody the city’s current musical milieu: “The Sound of New York is showcasing the music of four DJs who we feel collectively represent the sound of the city right now. Individually, they inspired us to create Modster Lip Vinyl in four uniquely bold shades.”

    The full line is now available at Sephora. And, you better believe we’re stocking up. Click through to see the DJs rocking all four shades.

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