The Next Thing In Spinning? Taking The Wheel Underwater


aqua-emebed If you thought spinning with ceiling-weighted arm bands or yoga moves was crazy (whatever happened to a good old-fashioned bike ride?), Allure reports that brand-new TriBeCa spin emporium Aqua Studio has debuted the latest trend in indoor cycling: bringing it underwater.

Aqua Studio classes include many elements of a typical spin class (dim lighting, loud music, and high-octane instruction), but the bikes are actually submerged inside of a pool, which, according to Allure, makes the class slightly less difficult (their editor describes it a bit like "having a little dance party on a bike").

It might be less of a high than you're used to if you're a total adrenaline junkie, but if you'd prefer a slightly less intense workout (and don't mind donning a pair of truly fashionable jelly shoes), you might want to take underwater cycling for β€” wait for it β€” a spin. (Allure)

Photo: Courtesy of Allure