15 Chic Ciders That We'll Be Sipping All Fall Long

Before fall became all about pumpkin spice everything, apples reigned (OG) supreme. In our minds, classic autumn conjures up images of apple picking, apple pie, and, perhaps best of all, apple cider. As kids we couldn't get enough of the sweet stuff — yes it was essentially apple juice, but fresh-pressed. And now that we're all grown up, we can kick the kiddo cups aside and get into sipping on the more sophisticated hard stuff.
The hard cider offerings out there are vast. So if you're worried about getting swept away, don't sweat it — because we've already picked out the brightest buys from the bunch. Ahead we've lined up the chicest bottled and canned ciders worth sipping on all fall long. Whether you're a pumpkin beer hater or just looking for a festive gluten-free beverage, scroll on to check out and scoop up our picks, ahead.
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Wölffer's rosé is a summer favorite — and now this crisp cider infused with Asian pears is becoming a fast fall staple.

Wölffer No. 139 Dry White Cider, $13.99 (for a 4-pack), available at Total Wine & More.
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Shacksbury's canned ciders hail from British orchards and boast a "rounded apple flavor that’s not too dry, and not too sweet."

Shacksbury Cider Semi-Dry Cider, $19 (for a 4-pack), available at Mouth.
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Descendant crowned their Pom Pomme bottle the " sparkling savory rosé" of ciders.

Descendant Cider Company Pom Pomme Cider, $14, available at Mouth.
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Made with a five apple blend, Seattle's semi-sweet cider sips smooth with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and a tiny bit of pumpkin.

Seattle Cider Pumpkin Spice Cider, $10.99 (for a 4-pack), available at Total Wine & More.
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This pretty bottle of sparkling cider melds the fruity flavor trifecta of apple, lemon, and pineapple.

NV Eplevin Cider, $13, available at Winc.
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Italian blood oranges and heirloom apples give this canned cider its sweet and zesty finish.

Austin Eastciders Blood Orange Cider, $14.99 (for a 6-pack), available at Drizly.
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Millstone cautions that "this wild cider is not for everyone" — so if you're more into sweet than tart, you've been warned about this bitter bottle.

Millstone Cellars Hopvine Cider, $18.98, available at Astor Wines.
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Golden State's canned cider infuses ginger and lemongrass into its brew to kick the crisp apple notes up a notch.

Golden State Cider Gingergrass Cider, $10.99 (for a 4-pack), available at Total Wine & More.
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Descendant's Succession is a semi-dry, not too sweet, and lightly bubbled bottle of cider.

Descendant Cider Company Succession Cider, $6, available at Mouth.
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Jack's blends fresh-pressed Adam's County apples with peaches for a subtly sweet cider.

Jack's Hard Cider Peach, $9.99 (for a 6-pack), available at Drizly.
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Eve's isn't messing around with this complex cider — the bottle's tasting notes include a bitter-sweet mix of toffee, dust, beeswax, hay, ripe red apple, and wild mint.

Eve's Cidery 2015 Autumn's Gold, $18, available at Eve's Cidery.
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What's more refreshing than a can of cider? A can of Shacksbury's cider spritz in ginger or classic dry.

Shacksbury Cider Spritz Cans, $45 (for a 12-pack), available at Shacksbury.
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Pippin's Sea is a dry sparkling cider that boasts a bright flavor profile of apricot, marzipan, and even some candied orange peel hints.

Pippins Sea Cider, $18.99, available at Drizly.
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Raspberries and apples come together in this canned cider to create a tart, dry, and refreshing finish.

Stem Ciders Raspberry Apple Cider, $9.99 (for a 4-pack), available at Drizly.
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Made from a blend of 20 different apple varieties, this partly bitter-partly sweet bubbly bottle is the champagne of ciders.

Le Père Jules Cidre, $19.99, available at Drizly.
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