10 Apartment Upgrades That Are SO Worth The Splurge

Photo: Courtesy Schoolhouse Electric.
For city dwellers, a splurge is a sacred thing. When budgets are tight, there’s often little left over for luxuries — and when there is, the ensuing purchase needs to be a carefully considered choice. This is when the beauty of home goods shines the brightest: Unlike clothing or cosmetics, a thoughtful investment in the home department is likely to be one you’ll use daily — and, in the best of cases, for years or even decades to come.

Today, we’re sharing 10 home splurges, big and small, that have the power to brighten an entire room instantly. From lounge chairs to lighting fixtures to hand soap spiked with cedar, these items will make you happy each time you use them. Isn't it time to transform your spirit and your space?
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Photo: Courtesy of Lekker Home.
Lounge Chair
A great chair makes an impressive anchor for any lounge-worthy living room. Swap your college-era La-Z-Boy for a modern take on an easy chair. (We like this sleek option from Boston-based Lekker.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.
Light Fixture
Replace a rinky-dink light fixture with a sophisticated substitute. This brass-and-glass-globe pendant by Schoolhouse Electric is eye-catching, but not overpowering.
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A Next-Level Sound System
Nothing says "grown-ups live here" more than a conveniently situated, wireless sound system. For just under $200, this speaker’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth seamlessly, and deliver rich sound, is worth every penny.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Cabinet Knobs
They may be tiny, but quality cabinet knobs are a major improvement over their came-with-the-space counterparts. These wooden gems, made in Spain of faceted walnut, are an elegant, unexpected addition.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spartan Shop.
Replace a rug that’s gone threadbare with a one-of-a-kind vintage option. This one was hand-woven in Bolivia from brilliantly colored sheep’s wool.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Container Store.
Clothing Hangers
You know the drill: No more wire hangers. Seriously. No more. Upgrading to wood can take a closet from cluttered to well-kept in no time (plus you’ll be free of flimsy wires for life).
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Photo: Courtesy of Aesop.
Hand Soap
Though it may seem silly, the littlest luxuries — like the hand soap in your kitchen or bathroom — can fancy up your countertops and your mood. Treat yourself to a bottle that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to use.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Atwood.
Throw Pillow
Don’t have the funds to swap out your sofa? Switch up the throws instead, for a striking quick fix. Rebecca Atwood’s make a stylish statement — and for the fraction of the cost of furniture.
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Photo: Courtesy of Epson.
Trade your TV for a projector and transform your living room into an at-home cinema. The best part: With all the space you’ll save, you’ll swear the room expanded overnight.
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Photo: Courtesy of Poketo.
Bath Towels
Storing towels in the bathroom means they’re always on display. Thankfully, Dusen Dusen’s are soft enough to be worth the splurge and snazzy enough to be left in plain sight.
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Photo: Courtesy of West Elm.
Ready to let go of that ramshackle shelf you found abandoned on the street? Trade it in for a sleeker model that can be wall-mounted for additional space-saving appeal.